Private Sourcing Programs by Tradegood help brands grow their businesses

Jan 16, 2013


“Doing supplier screening and selection through the Tradegood platform is reliable and cost-effective.”

Jack French
Founder and Designer
Jack French London

Jack French London (JFL) astonished the European handbag and accessories market just one year ago with their stunning designs and quality craftsmanship.

As a young enterprise with limited sourcing experience, JFL is encountering obstacles in this field, particularly since they are usually doing minimum-quantity purchasing. A Private Sourcing Session by Tradegood came just in time to alleviate this problem.

After understanding JFL’s purchasing requirements, Tradegood quickly identified and shortlisted matching suppliers for initial screening by JFL. Two Private Sourcing Sessions were held in Guangzhou and Hong Kong, with founder Mr. Jack French attending the latter. At the two events several suppliers caught the new brand’s attention with their outstanding samples and flexible production capacity, and JFL would very likely close deals with them.

The Tradegood platform provides a robust database for new business opportunities for both buyers and suppliers. Tailored sourcing solutions allow newbies without many resources and a solid network to source product efficiently, and to sustain fast growth in an ever-changing consumer market.

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