Tradegood Launch Event

Tradegood Launch Event


Mon, Oct 17, 2011

10 AM - 1 PM

Some 70 suppliers attended the Tradegood launch event in Dhaka, Bangladesh. They were all very keen to learn about Tradegood, an online supplier community that provides global buyers of consumer goods with access to all suppliers’ inspection and auditing certificates, regardless of which laboratory conducted the relevant verification. This level of supply chain transparency is imperative when doing business on a global level in order to monitor and ensure product quality and safety, security and social compliance of factory partners all over the world. Using Tradegood, buyers can get a single, clear view of their suppliers, resulting in a complete and up-to-date understanding of their business investments.

During the event, GSV (Global Security Verification) and WCA (Workplace Conditions Assessment) Achievement Awards were also presented to quality manufacturers by Mr. David Horlock, Vice President - Global Inspection and Auditing, Mr. William Quilindo, Vice President – Supplier Management Services, Mr. David Ho, Director, Supplier Management Services and Dr. Karthik N.D., General Manager, Intertek Consumer Goods Bangladesh.


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