Tradegood Buyer Summit

Tradegood Buyer Summit



Thu, Dec 15, 2011

1 PM - 5 PM

Another Tradegood Buyer Summit was successfully held at the Futian Shangri-La Hotel on December 15, 2011. It was the second Tradegood Buyer Summit dedicated to electronics and miscellaneous products. The event attracted over 100 renowned buyers and quality suppliers in these industries.


During the buyer-supplier matching session, Tradegood created more than 60 business matching opportunities. Suppliers, along with their promotional materials and product samples, met with buyers pre-arranged by the sourcing experts face-to-face. Profile verification and capacity building have always been the top issues for Tradegood. During the event, sourcing experts were available in the data verification area to help suppliers build up their company profiles, which allow suppliers to better showcase their business capabilities and capacities to buyers and increase the chances of winning new businesses. Tradegood also provided professional consulting services to suppliers on the latest trends of the supply chain and sourcing. Some buyers and suppliers even left the venue with letters of business intent.


Tradegood Buyer Submit is highly recognized and appreciated among buyers and suppliers. The success of a series of Tradegood Buyer Summit events in December gave a perfect ending to Tradegood this year. Tradegood will continue to bridge the gap between buyers and suppliers and organize more amazing events, including the Tradegood Buyer Summit, next year. Tradegood looks forward to offering better sourcing and supplier management functionalities on the Tradegood website and provide a high quality platform to buyers and suppliers.


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