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Build your profile on the Tradegood platform, publicize your company by advertising and appearing in an interview in Business Chain magazine. With a world-wide circulation of more than 100,000, as well as an iBook edition that can be downloaded in more than 50 countries, Business Chain will help you present your business to a huge global audience of buyers.

Tradegood helps you get market exposure and draw the attention of global buyers:


Supplier EvaluationOnline supplier profile 

Through the Tradegood online platform, buyers can access supplier profiles, which include information on production capacities, facility compliance and operation controls, etc., at anytime, anywhere. The platform enables suppliers to showcase their strengths to buyers comprehensively. All verified information is marked with the Tradegood verification mark, which enhances an image of reliability and helps suppliers earn the trust of buyers.


Supplier EvaluationBusiness Chain advertisement and executive interview 

Tradegood is an excellent market channel for increasing your market exposure. You can enjoy advertising and an executive interview in Business Chain magazine, in the Chinese print version and the English highlighted, print version, as well as in the electronic edition from Apple iBookstore.


Distributed in global tradeshows - print run of 100,000 +

Rushed regularly to global buyers - quality buyers 3,000 +

Download from Apple iBookstore for Free in 50 + countries

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