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You will be invited to attend all Tradegood seminars and forums, where you will be updated on the latest buyer insights and obtain an in-depth understanding of buyers' needs. You will also receive Business Chain Chinese magazine which will keep you abreast of the latest market trends.

By joining Tradegood, you will receive comprehensive and in-depth analysis of supply-chain issues, allowing you to get easily updated on the latest market insights and keep yourself abreast of global market trends.

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Business Chain Chinese Magazine offers the latest Tradegood news, introduces you to new functions of our online platform and shares Tradegood event highlights. We also bring you in-depth market investigations and analyses, allowing you to get updated on the latest market insights and stay abreast of global market trends. Furthermore, we report on the latest regulations and standards around the world. In our Good Business section, we provide a wide range of value-added information and resources, such as foreign trade ABC, and new mobile app and further-reading recommendations.

The three feature sections:

Good Market - Covers the latest market trends and commentaries on various industries


Good Business -Introduces practical Business English, mobile app recommendations and global travel information


Good News - Updates on the Tradegood online platform, event information, event highlights and event schedules


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Tradegood organizes seminars and forums regularly, allowing members to understand more about Tradegood’s best-in-class services and to get updated on the latest industry information and quality news regarding sourcing.


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Platinum-or-above members will be entitled to an iPad tool, which will facilitate your use of Tradegood’s online platform, enable you to read the electronic version of Business Chain English magazine, and get connected to the global network.

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