Q:What is Tradegood?  

Tradegood is a global sourcing community that connects responsible buyers with trusted suppliers. Tradegood provides global buyers with the critical information and transparency needed to choose the right people and organizations to form their global supply chain. For suppliers, Tradegood opens doors to the world’s biggest markets with over 3,000 global buyer users including brands, retailers and trade associations in more than 100 countries.

Q:What is the connection between Intertek and Tradegood? 

Tradegood is backed by Intertek’s more than 130 years of experience in inspection and authentication across the supply chain industry.

Q:What is the connection between Tradegood and iSupplier Intelligence (ISI)? 

Tradegood, launched in August 2012, was formerly named iSupplier Intelligence (ISI). While the quality of information remains the same, the Tradegood name more accurately describes the benefits for the community. Tradegood is all about trust and enabling buyers to quickly identify compatible suppliers across industries and markets worldwide. No more sorting through thousands of faceless vendors or wondering about the quality of suppliers – Tradegood is a community of real companies, real people, with real products and services. The information is verified, updated and accurate.


Q:What is unique about Tradegood? 

As Tradegood is enabled by Intertek, the world-renowned third-party testing, inspection and certification institution, the information provided on the platform is unbiased and reliable.

Intertek’s Tradegood provides critical visibility over increasingly complex global supply chains.

From connecting premier buyers with validated suppliers, to providing verified information on who suppliers truly are, Tradegood builds strong relationships and protects corporate reputations. 

Q:Who can join Tradegood?  

Tradegood is open to the following parties with respective membership types:

  • Buyers, including retailers, in-house buying offices and sourcing agents
  • Suppliers with manufacturing facilities 
Q:Is there any restriction on the industry for membership enrollment?  

No. Tradegood is open to buyers and suppliers from any industry as long as the entities are law-abiding and comply with the laws of the relevant judiciaries.  

Q:How can I access the Tradegood Platform? 

The member section of the Tradegood Platform requires password log-in. You will be provided with a username and password upon membership registration and your member account will be activated once you have accepted our Terms of Service upon your first log-in. 

Q:Does Tradegood organize any events? 

Yes, Tradegood organizes a spectrum of events for our members. One of the highlights is the Tradegood Buyer Summit. You can refer to the Events section on our Tradegood website for details.

Q:What is a Tradegood Buyer Summit? 

The Tradegood Buyer Summit is our signature event, where buyers and suppliers meet face-to-face during the business matching sessions. 

Q:How can overseas buyers benefit from business matching? 

Tradegood offers a Seamless Business Matching Service – the use of video conferencing and the leveraging of Tradegood’s living database. Connection is made virtually but same quality guaranteed.  

Q:What are the benefits of becoming a Tradegood Buyer Member? 

Here are some key benefits for becoming our Tradegood Buyer Member:

  • Discover and match with suppliers in a cost-effective way
  • Build up long and deep supplier partnership in the living community
  • Receive verified information on suppliers to protect your brand and raise efficiency
  • Stay ahead in the supply chain with accountability and visibility
Q:Can I contact Tradegood Supplier Members directly through the online community? 

Yes, you can send messages directly to suppliers of interest.

Q:What information can I get about a supplier on the Tradegood platform? 

Information on suppliers is presented in a single supplier profile, and includes

  • Business Information
  • Design Capability
  • Product Profile
  • Compliance & License
  • Contact Information
Q:How can buyers manage their suppliers effectively through Tradegood? 

All factories in our Tradegood database are trustworthy and genuine. Customized searches with different parameters allow buyers to look for the best business match. Factories can maintain their living profiles in real-time and their qualifications are dated and checked periodically, providing the most up-to-date information buyers need.

Q:Can buyers make multiple comparisons among different suppliers for easy reference? 

Yes. Buyer members can select suppliers (a maximum of 10 suppliers in each search) they want to compare by ticking the respective checkboxes in the results table, then clicking the “Compare Suppliers” button. A comparison table pops up in a new window. They can also add suppliers or send messages on the comparison page and export data in excel format.

Q:Is there any eligibility criteria (MCR: Minimum Common Requirement) for supplier enrollment in Tradegood membership? 

The minimum requirements are as follows:

  • The company must have its own factory; trading companies are not accepted
  • The annual membership fee must be paid in full at the time of registration
Q:What are the benefits of becoming Tradegood members for suppliers and manufacturers? 

Tradegood is designed to benefit suppliers and manufacturers by:

  • Connecting with hundreds of global buyers consisting of screened and genuine retailers and sourcing companies
  • Providing tools to demonstrate professional identity in a trusted community
  • Managing living profiles to promote and communicate suppliers’ capabilities
  • Reducing compliance and marketing cost through greater visibility and mutual recognition of existing quality awards and certifications
  • Staying abreast of the latest market trends by receiving regular buyer insights and market updates
  • Attend buyer & supplier summits to meet new potential business partners 
Q:What is the service scope of Tradegood membership? 

Tradegood provides different membership services in the following three categories:

  • Verified with Confidence – Trust through Verification (e.g. Tradegood Membership Certificate, Document Verification, Onsite Tradegood Profile Validation, Expert Review Report, Facility Video Production and Verification)
  • Capacity Building – Strengthening compliance and competencies of suppliers and facilities
  • Marketing Intelligence – Keeping Abreast of the Trends
Q:Can I contact Buyer Members directly through the Tradegood Platform? 

Depending on your membership level, you can reply to buyer messages or send promotional messages directly to the buyers of interest. 

Q:How long are the membership subscription services periods? 

All are on an annual basis.

Q:Which Tradegood membership package is suitable for my company? 

The best way to discover which package suits your needs is to contact our Tradegood specialist.

Q:How do traditional services (eg. test, audit) from Intertek and Tradegood work together to provide customers with comprehensive solutions and services? 

If the supplier uses both traditional services and Tradegood services, Intertek will provide some discounts to show thanks and appreciation for using our services.

In the audit and test process, suppliers can be advised on which certifications can best showcase their business on the Tradegood platform to get recognized by buyers.

Q:What is “Capacity Building”? 

Capacity building services are a range of Intertek Supplier Qualification Programs designed as a toolkit to help buyers carry out easy benchmarking and help suppliers demonstrate the progress in their development. The current audit programs are divided into the following groups:

  • Trendstop.com trend master training class
  • Trendstop.com prodcuts review report
  • Trendstop.com ODM expert design service
  • Trendstop.com annual subscription
  • Workplace Condition Assessment (WCA)
  • Global Security Verification (GSV)
  • WRAP and WCA programs
  • 2-day compliance training
Q:What is the service scope of Tradegood Onsite Profile Validation? 

The service scope includes:

  • Onsite Validation of all Supplier Profile information by Intertek relating to your identity, operational controls, production capabilities and facility compliance (quality, social, environmental and security)
  • Document verification to authenticate the validity of licenses and certificates (Max of two submissions, an additional fee of US99 per submission applies thereafter)
  • Supplier Profile posted and made available on the Tradegood platform
  • All verified information is provided a Tradegood verified mark
  • Auto email notification reminder sent to facility two months prior to the date of expiry of each certificate listed on the Tradegood platform
  • One-year basic membership and password
Q:What is “Buyer Insight”?  

This consists of the latest market updates on laws and regulations collected and analyzed by an Intertek team of knowledge experts, exclusive business tips from Intertek sourcing experts and exclusive case studies on buyers. 

Q:Is there any commitment to Tradegood supplier members in terms of connectivity to buyers? 

The commitments to supplier members are:

  • Showcasing their profile to global buyers in the ranking according to the percentage of profile completeness and number of verified marked gained
  • Access to Intertek’s global buyer resource
  • Support from Intertek’s global expertise
  • Exposure to global buyers through Intertek’s global footprint
Q:Does Tradegood offer membership packages to all types of industry groups in different sectors?  

Yes. As an effective solution to global sourcing covering different industries, Tradegood offers tailor-made partnership agreements to suit your organization's needs.

Q:How can Tradegood partnership benefit your organization? 

Tradegood is designed to benefit Industry Groups by:

  • Promoting member brands through the Tradegood platform
  • Finding new global business partners for suppliers, consisting of screened and genuine buyers
  • Displaying supplier profiles in a trusted and respected environment as a source of trust
  • Membership discounts offered for capacity building services
  • Tradegood services for buyer members
  • Keeping members abreast of the latest market trends by receiving regular buyer insights and market updates
  • Participanting at Tradegood Buyer Summits
Q:How can our Supplier Members benefit from Tradegood membership? 

Suppliers can benefit from a better understanding of buyer requirements and use the available Intertek capacity building, continuous improvement and performance measurements programs to improve their profiles in relation to quality, social, environmental, security and integrity values of key buyers and procurement teams.

Q:How can our Buyer Members benefit from Tradegood membership? 

Tradegood provides buyers with access to hundreds of thousands of global suppliers.  Buyers can quickly discover new suppliers that are worthy of further investigation through screening and matching.  They can also manage living profiles of existing approved suppliers and evaluate one off suppliers. 

Q:What does the Tradegood industry group membership package typically include? 

The Tradegood industry group package typically includes:

  • Association landing page to promote its brand and their members
  • Private member seminars
  • Membership discounts for: Tradegood Membership, onsite Tradegood facility profile validation and capacity building services   

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