GermanFashion Association of Germany represents the interests of the German fashion industry, in particular, the manufacturers of women and men's outerwear, sportswear and workwear garments. The association advises and supports its members in industry-specific issues, representing the interests of its member firms vis-à-vis legislators, market partners and institutions.

GermanFashion and Tradegood

Tradegood was officially launched in Germany at a press conference of the German Fashion Association of Germany in Feb 2013. At the same time, Tradegood’s partnership with German Fashion to promote the textile industry in Germany was also announced.

Mr. Thomas Rasch, Director General of GermanFashion, was invited to join Tradegood's “Open the Door to European Trade” Supply Chain Forum held in Bangladesh, Hangzhou and Dongguan. There he delivered a speech entitled 'German Buying Power and Sourcing Expectations' to share with suppliers his insights on European market developments in trade and the latest procurement requirements with Tradegood members. 

Mr. Thomas Rasch, Director General of GermanFashion, made a speech on the trends and development of the European market. [Details]



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