BDA Reaches Successful Cooperation of Million US Dollar Orders


As a long-term trusted partner of Tradegood, BDA has been maintaining good relations of cooperation with Tradegood. On the basis of Tradegood constantly improving services, BDA has reached orders of more than USD 1 million with suppliers recommended by Tradegood recently.

In March 2015, BDA sent out the sourcing requirement through Tradegood platform that they were looking for a bag factory, and at Shenzhen Buyer Summit held on March 20 th,

Xiamen Nelson Trade & Industry Co., Ltd. attended the event with their superior products. During the matching session at that buyer summit, BDA’s purchasing general manager well recognized Xiamen Nelson’s good intention and passion, while Xiamen Nelson’s high degree of specialization in bags and their rapid response also left a favorable impression to the buyer. In May, BDA’s buyer representative visited the factory of Nelson in Fujian, and offered a number of bag needs to Nelson for sample and quotation. By the end of September, the buyer successfully placed an order for 20,000 cosmetic bags.

At the same time, BDA was also looking for a supplier of promotion gifts. Therefore, Tradegood’s buyer development team carefully verified the qualification of Shenzhen Gaowei Handbag Products Co., Ltd (bags) as a supplier, who had cooperation with the buyer BDA via trading company previously, and carried out direct matching with the buyer at the summit. By such way, Tradegood expected to help the supplier and the buyer make direct contact. With adequate preparation at early stage, BDA expressed great satisfaction in the matching process, and successfully placed an order for a total of several thousand cosmetic bags in two styles in June immediately after BDA’s general manager paid a visit to the factory.

In May 2015, Zhucheng Hengwei Clothing Co., Ltd replied relevant sourcing requirement released by BDA via Tradegood platform, and conducted on-site matching with the buyer at the buyer summit. During negotiation, the supplier elaborately presented their samples to the buyer, and gave a detailed description; the buyer were very interested in the supplier’s products such as T-shirts, baby clothes, polo shirts, and asked the supplier to send quotations as soon as possible. Later, after three months of communication, sample production and quotation, BDA placed an order for 15,000 pieces of polo shirts in October, realizing another perfect cooperation.

What’s more, BDA respectively signed successful orders with Qingdao Hanshang Toys Co., Ltd and Glorious Sun Industries Ltd. BDA stated that suppliers Tradegood recommended for the buyer provided fine quality both in manufacturers themselves and their products, and plus protection from Intertek’s validation, the recommendation made by Tradegood deserved a lot of credit. Meanwhile, Tradegood’s sufficient understanding of the buyer made the final successful matching easier and the recommendation more professional, simple, rapid and efficient. In the future, BDA will rely on Tradegood for purchasing of more product categories.

“Tradegood’s services for us are really efficient. Every day, our US headquarters has many enquiries, involving a variety of product categories such as clothes, bags, toys, home accessories, medical products and electronic products, primarily for rapid sales and promotion. Most of our clients are TOP 1000 brands in the United States, who have certain requirements on suppliers and their quality. Tradegood’s platform can provide us with different categories of products, all of which come from excellent suppliers.”

Mr. Sidney Ngai

General Manager, BDA 


As a marketing product promotion company with great influence in the United States, BDA’s purchasing business covers a wide range of product categories, including electronics & electrical appliances, gifts, stationery, toys, clothes, fashion accessories, etc. The company has been rated as a TOP-10-dealer of marketing products for 13 consecutive years, and in 2012, was named TOP-100-enterprise of business growth and one of the best enterprises worth working for in Washington. BDA’s profit had already reached $ 100 million by 1990, and after years of development, there are more than 500 subsidiaries operating across the United States, and the company has set up a buying office in Shenzhen as well.


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