Powerful supplier data helps US retailer brands quickly find right partners


Yoze is a newly established retailer targeting the US market and specializing in mainstream men’s and women's apparel and accessories. Currently Yoze is planning to launch a women's fashion line in sophisticated style, with good quality and affordable price, in order to build the brand image. At the MAGIC show in Las Vegas this year, Yoze representatives met Tradegood and were highly impressed by Tradegood’s services and rich resources of suppliers for buyers.

Yoze is now preparing for the 2014 spring collection and looking for supplier partners. The Tradegood Supply Chain Analysis Center recommended and arranged a China Tour for Yoze owner Davin Odia and designer Miguel Rodriguez in late October. During this tour, they met with a number of suppliers to discuss potential business cooperation. At the Tradegood private-matching meeting and factory visit, suppliers showed various types of fabrics, clothing and accessories samples, so that the buyers could get an in-depth understanding of their design and production capabilities.

Yoze sources twice a year for its spring and fall collections and every ready-to-wear range has its own design and cutting instructions. Yoze’s initial orders will be relatively small scale, and attaching great importance to design and quality. Since the 2014 spring collection is a very urgent task, the buyer thought it would be very difficult to find the right factory. However, through Tradegood's recommendation, they were exposed to appropriate factories with excellent design, tailoring and production capabilities. What’s more, the suppliers fully understood Yoze’s design concept and responded quickly. The buyers decided to stay in contact with their favorite suppliers for samples, hoping to make the order soon.

The Buyers at Yoze are very pleased they contacted Tradegood. Through collaboration with Tradegood, they were able to contact and filter Chinese suppliers smoothly. They think Tradegood has very good resources, and organizes sourcing activities efficiently and smoothly. Tradegood also helped to communicate Yoze’s requirements in advance to suppliers to make subsequent meetings more effective. On the one hand, Tradegood offers a professional and friendly service to buyers and, on the other, Chinese suppliers’ manufacturing strength, understanding, and response speed also left a good impression on the buyers. This successful China Trip will lead to more orders from Yoze in the future. 

‘Tradegood has been able to do really really wonderful things for Yoze, as far as sourcing, translation and introducing those companies. At this point, we’re very very happy.’  

Mr. Davin Odia

Owner, Yoze



Yoze is a newly established retailer specializing in mainstream men’s and women's apparel and accessories in the United States. Currently Yoze is planning to launch a women's fashion line in sophisticated style, with good quality and affordable price to build their brand image.


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