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As the apparel-sourcing agent for Aldi, the largest supermarket chain in Germany, and Tchibo, one of the top-ten fashion retailers in Germany, G. Gueldenphennig pays close attention to its sourcing activities in China. The company has set up an office in Shanghai to closely monitor sourcing, particularly order processing and product quality. Sportswear and casual clothing are G. Gueldenphennig's main sourcing targets; the buying agent is also a major buyer of bags and plush toys.

To meet its clients' high-quality and volume-purchase requirements, G. Gueldenphennig has turned to Tradegood, which can offer a large database of trusted suppliers. Representatives from G. Gueldenphennig attended the Tradegood Buyer Summit in Shanghai in June and October last year and met a large number of suppliers who match the company's sourcing requirements.

A Private Business Matching was also arranged for G. Gueldenphennig last July in Qingdao. Before the Matching session, a wide range of suppliers was carefully selected, according to G. Gueldenphennig's requirements, for an initial screening. A select number of screened suppliers were then invited to meet G. Gueldenphennig directly at the Matching. G. Gueldenphennig expressed considerable interest in many of the samples shown, and subsequently progressed to the quotation and deal stage with several suppliers.

Apart from business matching at events, G. Gueldenphennig also conducts some of its sourcing activities using the Tradegood matching platform and has received positive feedback.

As a sophisticated German enterprise, data validity is of top concern of G. Gueldenphennig. This makes Tradegood its best possible partner in sourcing for maximized visibility and transparency.

"Tradegood brings us unprecedented convenience in sourcing and high supply-chain visibility."

Sourcing representative of G.Gueldenpfennig

JCK (G.Gueldenpfennig)

JCK (G.Gueldenpfennig) is the renowned buying agent for several major brands and chain stores in Germany. Its main sourcing items are sportswear and casual clothing, functional sport clothing and some fashion. It also sources bags, plush toys and accessories.


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