Tailored program for seasoned ladies fashion importer


Australian importer Trackmaster Pty Ltd has been supplying its Australian and New Zealand clients with a competitive range of ladies clothing for more than 30 years. In addition to regular measurements, Trackmaster also offers its clients XL items to cater to the needs of different market segment.

Trackmaster started working with Tradegood in 2012. A Private Business Matching Session was tailored for Trackmaster in October of that year in Guangzhou, when a dozen suppliers were screened and selected for the private event from Tradegood's database of over 100,000 records and according to Trackmaster's sourcing requirements. Eight suppliers presented their samples to Mr. Simon Field, General Manager of Trackmaster, and some of those unable to attend in person held teleconferences with Mr. Field. Trackmaster identified several suppliers for further discussion and evaluation by the Australia head office.

This business-matching event yielded concrete results for this already highly experienced buying office. Tradegood's database provides valid and verified data which buyers can use to conduct searches using various criteria, thus reducing costs and time spent on sourcing and matching. Upon request, factory visits can also be arranged for buyers to get a deeper understanding of screened suppliers. In this way both parties can carry out sourcing on an effective basis with lower risks.

Suppliers enjoy good interaction with Trackmaster, establishing
a good relationship at the event for future cooperation.

Trackmaster Pty Ltd

Founded in 1982, Australia-based Trackmaster Pty Ltd provides ladieswear for fashion stores, outlets, chain stores and department stores. Its mission is to continuously add value through innovative trend forecasting, sourcing and service.


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