Thanks to robust support from Intertek and its 130 years of credibility, and with 500+ verified USA suppliers offering comprehensive factory profiles, Tradegood is confident of making sourcing easy for you like never before. Let us help you to get connected with the right US supplier via our comprehensive online and offline channels, including buyer summitsprivate matching events and video conferencing. 

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Why USA? Why Now?

Simply put, a ‘Made in USA’ tag gives your product lots of extras:

  • Selling value
  • Consumer confidence
  • More prestigious brand images
  • Support from funding and concern groups
  • And the tag just makes you stand out from other competitors!

Real costs matter:

  • Wages in China constantly rising
  • Transportation costs getting higher
  • Plus all those hassles dealing with suppliers in another country on another continent
  • Why not work with US manufacturers who offer higher efficiency and accountability?
  • Manufacturing in the USA already offers a significant competitive edge

Consumers are changing:

  • Price no longer the only concern
  • Quality matters
  • Style matters
  • Social responsibility matters
  • It’s time to be responsive to new trends and what your customers like now.


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The buyer-supplier matching meetings are very interesting. I got very good information on new suppliers.

Mr. Lionel Toucas
Managing Director


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