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Despite the challenges, the continuous increase in international sourcing initiatives is significantly changing the face of the global marketplace, as companies shift towards B2B sourcing of goods, services and raw materials. This global-sourcing strategy attracts start-up businesses, and small, medium, and large-size companies to expand their operations and manufacturing locations in Asian regions, where they can enjoy lower assembly or labor costs.

To further understand the global-sourcing concept, here is a sourcing guide on how it works:

Identify – The most important step of all is to identify the right suppliers. You can go to our Supplier Public Directory to start your search. Technology has made things easy and convenient, with just a few clicks delivering a library of suppliers for shortlisting. We also provide lists of certified suppliers of numerous internationally recognized standards to help you manage and mitigate risk. However, to qualify and verify their legitimacy is another story.

Verify – Buyers and suppliers rely on our trusted database to assist them in connecting with reliable partners. Our unique “Business done right” verification process mitigates the risks of illegitimate transactions through onsite and documentary verification.

Connect – Technology is the first step in bringing buyers and suppliers together. However, face-to-face negotiation is also crucial in initiating global sourcing. Tradegood organizes key sourcing events to give buyers and suppliers a chance to meet each other. Video-conferencing is also leveraged to overcome geographic boundaries.

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We offer various online and offline sourcing services to buyer members:

Membership Platform

We understand your needs – having all the important sourcing information about a supplier on hand at a glance. Designed specially by Tradegood, everything you need or want to know about a supplier before placing an order, including product profile, is now listed clearly on our platform.

Tradegood helps you sourcing for the right suppliers through a series of functions on Tradegood Platform:

Verified Supplier Profiles

Search over 100,000+ supplier profiles on Tradegood Platform and look for the V-Marks! Tradegood’s one-of-a-kind Verified Status, indicating that the supplier information has been checked and verified by our on-site validation team, gives you extra confidence to start business with the suppliers.

Sourcing Requests Posting Function

Tell us what you are sourcing for through the sourcing request posting function and we will handle the rest. From the day we receive your Sourcing Requests, the Tradegood team screens suppliers according to your requirements and liaises with suppliers on the details, offering you a hassle-free sourcing life.

Buyer Profile

Create your buyer profile to help suppliers get to know you better, facilitating the best matched business connections.

Message Center

Contact your shortlisted potential suppliers for your sourcing projects and learn more about them directly.  In Message Center, all messages are displayed in chronological order and grouped by topics. You can review the full message history anytime, providing you a tracked record of all the communications.

Supplier Management Solution

Get organized with connected suppliers, messages, sourcing requests and quotations. Tradegood brings all your communications to one place, giving you a clear view and a complete record of all your projects.

Exclusive Sourcing Opportunities

Tradegood gives you unlimited business-matching opportunities, both online and offline, to build more connections with suppliers. No matter what your needs are, Tradegood will help you locate quality suppliers and the right products through a choice of channels: buyer summits, private matching events, factory showcase and video matching. Moreover, we maintain a resource of additional buyer services tailored to your every need.

Through Tradegood you will be able to get in touch with trusted suppliers via different channels and to seize every sourcing opportunity:

Factory Showcase

Factory showcase is a themed mini exhibition which enables suppliers to showcase their products and capabilities, allowing you to examine various of product samples at one time.

Buyer Summit

Buyer Summits provide an excellent opportunity for buyers and suppliers to meet and thus facilitate business cooperation.

Two distinct advantages:

  • Unsurpassed relationships with global suppliers, creating more business opportunities
  • Face-to-face communication, increasing the chance to close a business deal

Private Matching Event

In addition, we also hold private matching events according to buyers’ sourcing needs. Private matching events organized by our specialists have proved to be very effective in bringing buyers together with the most appropriate suppliers.

Video Matching with Overseas Suppliers

You can do business at anytime, anywhere!

  • Surmount geographical restrictions and trade with overseas suppliers
  • No need to worry about meeting venues as everything will be under your control
  • Pre-qualified and verified supplier profiles enable you to have an overview of the selected suppliers beforehand

Tailored Buying Trips^

Want to find suppliers compatible with your sourcing needs and make factory visits to make sure everything is alright?

Thanks to our robust supplier database and strong network, Tradegood can arrange Tailored Buying Trips for you in China and other manufacturing countries based on your business requirements and sourcing requests. You can shortlist suppliers using Tradegood’s comprehensive supplier profiles, or even meet with them through video-conferencing prior to your trip. During your trip, you can go directly to the factories of matched suppliers to get a full picture of their capabilities and factory conditions and to examine their product samples.

Forget the problems of communicating with each supplier overseas and the low matching rates achieved in finding the right suppliers. Contact your Tradegood representative now to enjoy a time-saving and hassle-free sourcing service.

Intertek Training Courses^

Equip your team with the vital training they need to remain at the top of their profession.

You need team members whose skillsets are as current as possible and primed to fulfill their role to the best of their abilities. Intertek's qualified instructors provide essential knowledge through logical, in-depth, beneficial training sessions on-site, in the field.

Intertek's expertise covers international and regional regulatory developments, customer and legal compliance requirements, good manufacturing practices, quality management systems certification, evolving technology and markets, sourcing and development necessities, testing strategy and more.

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Inspection Services^

For more than 130 years, Intertek is the trusted provider of quality and safety solutions for many of the world’s leading brands and companies. Through the global network and industry-leading technical expertise Intertek provides innovative and bespoke Assurance, Testing, Inspection and Certification services to customers worldwide. Now through, Textile and Apparel Inspection services provided by Intertek can be booked online quickly and efficiently (Services are offered in Mainland China ONLY).

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^ Additional costs incurred.

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