Tradegood Buyer Summit • Shanghai

Tradegood Buyer Summit • Shanghai

Tradegood Buyer Summit • Shanghai



Wed, Oct 21, 2015

Shanghai Marriott Hotel Hongqiao

1:30 PM - 5:30 PM


On October 21, 2015, the Tradegood buyer summit was held successfully in balmy autumnal Shanghai. The venue, Shanghai Hongqiao Marriott Hotel, is known for its elegance, especially the charming sunroom. This time the Tradegood Buyer Summit attracted more than 200 participants, including well-known buyers from home and abroad and from across a wide range of industries, including high-quality suppliers covering garments, fabrics, accessories, home textiles, toys, gifts, and more. The new Mini Expo session was highly appreciated by all participants, not only for its wide variety of products, but also the creative display modes. The new Tradegood postcards also received high praise, their careful preparation, meticulous presentation, professional content, and successful matching contributing to a perfect summit!

To kick off the summit, Tradegood Supply Chain Analysis Center District Manager Mr. Ted Miao gave a detailed introduction to the various attending buyers’ brands and their specific procurement requirements, so as to facilitate friendly and focused interaction between buyers and suppliers, while at the same time giving suppliers a more in-depth understanding of the buyers in attendance. Tradegoodproject consultant, Ms. Jojo Li, followed this up with a presentation on“ Understanding US Consumer Shopping Behaviors". Her detailed explanation of the psychology of overseas customers and the market greatly helped attendees further understand the international market situation and how to better integrate into the world market going forward. Also worthy of note is that we also engaged Mr. XiaXinghua, senior consultant of EIF Service and chairman of BWI Group Limited, to make his excellent presentation on "Tailored Trade Finance Solutions for Chinese Exporters", which analyzed the range of financial services available to suppliers.

Our classic offering, the Mini Expo, this time showcased its new profile. Whether it was more supplier exhibitors than ever, the convenient semi-circle coat hangers provided, or the entrance signboard attracting guests for the first time, the Expo greatly appealed to buyers curious about the many eye-catching displays of products on the stands. At the same time, in order to bring suppliers a professional service and a high-quality resources experience, product-information cards were also provided to them so they could show off more product details to attending buyers. All suppliers and buyers felt very satisfied with this method of showing off the latest products!

In addition, this was the first time we offered Tradegood postcards, which also received everybody’s appreciation. Eight exquisite postcards were designed to introduce our range of services and we provided the mailing service ourselves on site. Everyone got the chance to write their message and place it in our blue mailbox for distant relatives and friends! Also worth mentioning, this time a "Happy Hour" was offered in the sunroom, with delicious food and a comfortable environment for both buyers and suppliers, creating an ideal space in which to continue business discussions over a friendly drink.

One of our most important offerings, the Business Matching session also maintained its consistently high matching rate. And in order to deepen mutual cooperation, Tradegood professional recommendations enabled both buyers and suppliers to grow their trust in each other! We will also constantly strive to provide high-value-added services for our members, while continuously improving our service process and seizing every business opportunity to effectively support both sides of the supply chain.


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