Ethical Sourcing Forum (ESF) 2016

Ethical Sourcing Forum (ESF) 2016

Ethical Sourcing Forum (ESF) 2016

New York


Thu, Apr 07, 2016 -

Fri, Apr 08, 2016

New York (810 7th Ave, New York, USA)

8 AM - 6:30 PM


As the challenges of an increasingly off shored, outsourced global supply chain continue to grow, international brands and retailers now pay more attention to the importance of ethical sourcing in building a sustainable supply chain. As a key link in the supply chain, how can manufacturers track global sourcing trends and buyers’ demands, and still take the initiative to promote the value and standing of social responsibility in business development, in order to increase their competitiveness? In 2016, what are the hidden risks in the global sourcing chain? How can improve disruptive CSR technology and risk management?

The Ethical Sourcing Forum (ESF), to be held New York City on April 7 and 8 will provide you with the most authoritative solutions! Renowned international brands, retailers, importers and supply-chain experts will all share their insights into the hidden supply-chain risks lying ahead in 2016 and explore innovative solutions. This will also be a golden opportunity for suppliers to take the initiative in sharing information on their enterprise’s performance in social responsibility with buyers and also explore the topics of Human Connections, Collaboration,Land Rights, Emerging Markets.

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What is the Ethical Sourcing Forum (ESF)?
The Ethical Sourcing Forum (ESF) is a unique industry event that brings together members of the global sustainability community to address emerging supply chain challenges.

The ESF is where you find applied innovation and the latest solutions-development processes that yield social and environmental progress while advancing core business objectives.


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