Tradegood Private Business Matching Event for Metro Group·Qingdao

Tradegood Private Business Matching Event for Metro Group·Qingdao



Thu, Jan 31, 2013

9 AM - 5 PM

Tradegood’s first private matching event for 2013 was held at the Intercontinental Hotel in Qingdao, Shandong Province. In line with the purchasing requirements of MGB, Tradegood specialists arranged for eight quality suppliers to meet with MGB. All suppliers met with the sourcing requirements and both sides were satisfied with the outcomes. This was the second time that MGB had taken part in a private business matching session organized through the Tradegood platform.

During the event, the MGB Merchandiser Manager, Mr. Christoph Richard Zeiss, held face-to-face discussions with the suppliers. He examined the individual samples presented by the suppliers and made detailed notes of the purchasing details, including factory condition, production capacity, hot items already shipped, and so on.

The MGB private matching was a great success—but it was just the prelude to the Tradegood off-line matching events for 2013, when Tradegood will be providing more of these highly productive face-to-face matching events for buyers and suppliers.

About Metro Group Buying

Metro Group Buying was established in 1976 and currently has over 550 staff in six locations, liaising with more than 900 non-food suppliers to fulfill the sourcing needs of more than 2,200 locations of the METRO GROUP in 32 countries.

METRO GROUP consists of a large portfolio, namely METRO Cash & Carry , Real Hypermarket, Media Markt, Saturn, Redcoon, Adler, SPAR and Galeria Kaufhof. Retail outlets of these brands are found all over Europe, including Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, Scandinavia, Austria, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Rumania, Russia, Ukraine, Croatia and Turkey.

Metro Group Buying is on the look-out for all categories of non-food products, ranging from footwear, kids', men and women's wear, underwear, nightwear, kitchenware, sporting goods, office equipment, stationery, toys, computers, indoor and outdoor equipment, bedding, etc.


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