Tradegood Buyer Summit·London

Tradegood Buyer Summit·London



Wed, Mar 26, 2014

Holiday Inn Kings Cross Bloomsbury, London (1 Kings Cross Rd, London WC1X 9HX)

11:30 AM - 5 PM

The second Tradegood Overseas Buyer Summit for 2014 was successfully held at the Holiday Inn Kings Cross Bloomsbury in London on Mar 26 following the success of the Tradegood Workshop on the day before. Buyers met more than 10 quality suppliers from the Tradegood sourcing community who could meet their sourcing requirements with competitive price and proven quality.

Before the business-matching session, Tradegood setup its Mini-Expo to showcase quality products from Tradegood verified suppliers. Though the Mini-Expo, buyers can get to better understand the capacity of the suppliers they will meet later in the matching session.

At this summit, we showcased a wide range of products from our quality suppliers which met buyers’ sourcing requests. Three brands and retailers from the UK market attended the summit, including Fizz Creations, Kingfisher River and Drew Brady & Co. Ltd. Buyers met face to face with verified suppliers from China and viewed their latest products. By working through Tradegood, they became more confident about working with Chinese suppliers in the future.

We also provided a video matching service for buyers to connect with suppliers who could not attend the summit onsite. It’s only with Tradegood professional services that both ends of the supply chain can connect with each other anywhere, anytime.

Through the Tradegood buyer summit, buyers are able to target compatible suppliers who can meet their requirements with competitive lead times, thus facilitating buyers in fulfilling their sourcing requests effectively and efficiently. Join us now! Tradegood will help you find your perfect match!





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