Tradegood Buyer Summit ·Shanghai

Tradegood Buyer Summit ·Shanghai



Thu, Oct 23, 2014

Shanghai San Wang Hotel

1 PM - 5 PM

The Tradegood Buyer Summit came to Shanghai again on October 23, 2014 at Shanghai San Want Hotel. Nearly100 suppliers and 11international buyers attended the summit, with more than 100 matching opportunities being successfully created.

At this Summit the center of attention, once again, was the ever-popular Mini Expo, with eight suppliers displaying their top products. The Mini Expo is proving to be an excellent opportunity for suppliers to promote their branding, products and expertise.

At the summit opening, Mr. Ted Miao, Regional Manager of Tradegood Supply Chain Analysis Center, delivered a full introduction to the11 attending buyers and their sourcing requirements to give suppliers a better understanding of the companies they were to meet later at the business-matching session.

Following this, Mr. Richard Shi, Senior Purchasing Manager of Fast Fish Apparel, delivered an introduction to Fast Fish to give suppliers first-hand insights into the Fast Fish brand concept and their purchase-order requirements.

Mr. Dolley Zhang, Senior Sustainability Specialist of Training and Consultancy of Intertek China, then delivered a keynote speech on "How Intertek Training Assists Suppliers to Fulfill Buyers’ and Export Market Requirements”. His remarks gave suppliersa lot of information on Intertek’s professional training capabilities, and the problems Chinese suppliers may face when working in the export trade as well as some of the solutions. The supplier members said they benefited a great deal from Mr. Zhang’s insights.

At the same time, the most important part of the summit—the business-matching session—was being conducted in the conference rooms. The supplier representatives presented their samples and discussed sourcing requirements with the international buyers as well as their own production capabilities and relevant qualifications. At this summit, Tradegood successfully contributed to creating more than 100 business-matching opportunities.

Tradegood is committed to connecting global buyers and suppliers by proactively improving our services and content with the goal of helping you seize new opportunities in global trade. We believe there are more surprises waiting for you!







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