Tradegood Buyer Summit•Shanghai

Tradegood Buyer Summit•Shanghai



Thu, Apr 16, 2015 -

Fri, Apr 17, 2015

B2F, Greenland Ballroom/B1F, Meeting Room, Shanghai G. Convention Centre

1:30 PM - 5:30 PM

The first Tradegood Shanghai Buyer Summit for 2015 was held successfully at G. Convention Centre on April 16 and 17. On this occasion, nearly 200 representatives of local suppliers and international buyers were in attendance, with more than 100 business-matching opportunities being created as a result.

The first day of the summit was dedicated to “garments and accessories”. Ms. Icelynn Huang, Senior Analyst at the Tradegood Supply Chain Analysis Center, delivered an introduction on all attending buyers and outlined their sourcing requirements in order to help suppliers better prepare for the business-matching session. Mr. David Ho, General Manager of Tradegood, shared the prospects and opportunities that the Tradegood Trend Boutique has been delivering since its official launch in February. Thanks to this innovative concept, Tradegood provides an additional innovative platform enabling high-quality supplier members to reach out tothe international market.

At the same time, a Mini Expo on the theme of "garments and accessories" was held with the participation of seven suppliers. There were streams of visitors to the booths and both suppliers and buyers held fruitful discussions concerning their products. The summit also featured The Photo Studio, during which an international model and a professional photographer worked together to shoot the most appealing product photos for supplier members. We believe that, through the use of our Photo Studio, more and more suppliers can be presented to the global market and thus be approached by international buyers.

The second day of the summit focused on “hard goods” and was also kicked off by Icelynn’s sharing of buyers’sourcing requests. Mr. Rico Xu, Regional Manager of the Tradegood Supplier Analysis Center, then shared his insights into the latest trends and development prospects of Tradegood to further increase suppliers’ confidence in the Tradegood sourcing community.

In order to take on board the opinions of members about this Buyer Summit, Tradegood conducted a satisfaction survey via We-chat and we would like to thank all participants in the survey. Tradegood will continue to listen to suggestions and advice from our members and make constant improvements in order to create the most professional sourcing community. We will also constantly strive to provide high-value-added services for our members, while continuously improving our service process and seizing every business opportunity to effectively support both sides of the supply chain.


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