Tradegood Buyer Summit•Shanghai

Tradegood Buyer Summit•Shanghai



Thu, Aug 13, 2015

New World Shanghai Hotel

1:30 PM - 5:30 PM

The Tradegood Buyer Summit was held once again to great reception in Shanghai on 13 August 2015. The Buyer Summit this time has been shifted to ZhongshanPark Business District, one of the most prosperous areas in Shanghai. The convenient transportation facilities and peripheral environment have garnered the unanimous praise of all the participants at the summit. Well-known international buyers and suppliers gathered at the Grand Ballroom in the Shanghai New World Shanghai Hotel and created more than 70 business matching opportunities with in four short hours. The careful preparation by the suppliers and the active sourcing by the buyers helped both parties gained great business opportunities and laid a solid foundation for further business cooperation for the future.

At the beginning of the summit, Tradegood Supply Chain Analysis Center District Manager Ms. Briny Hou gave a detailed introduction of the various attending buyers’ brands and their specific procurement contents so as to spur amicable interactions among buyers and suppliers while deepening the suppliers’ understanding of the buyers in attendance at the same time. What is worthy of note is that Ms. LeeAnn Schumacher, Director Global Sourcing of well-known buyer BDA delivered a wonderful speech at the summit. She shared about the procurement requirements of BDA and the future development trend of the industry. After that, Mr. David Ho, General Manager of Tradegood, shared his ‘Showroom + Designer Channel, the Innovative Solution for Chinese Suppliers’. His fascinating remarks clearly demonstrated to his audience that Tradegood will be continuously updating its services and market resources to better help suppliers in the international market.

Also worthy of note is that a live interactive price-guessing session was held for the first time at the summit. There presentative products of the suppliers who participated in the Mini Expo were displayed on the big screen. The composition and design concept of each product were introduced by the host at the same time. All the guests in attendance needed to do were to send what they thought were the prices of the products to Tradegood’s public WeChat account in order to participate. Such products as exquisite scarves, children’ssocks and shoes, fabric and zippers received a huge number of guesses from the guests. Everyone participated enthusiastically, and it not only helped them to understand the suppliers’ products better, they also won attractive souvenirs from Tradegood!

At the same time, our Mini Expo, which centered on the theme of "garments and accessories", was held in an orderly manner. Scores of visitors surrounded all of the booths.The buyers showed great interest in the products that the suppliers displayed.They had intense and enthusiastic discussions about the concerning the materials, prices and processing methods of the products, which added vitality and exciting moments to the Shanghai Buyer Summit!

As one of the classic highlights of the summit, The Photo Studio also attracted a tremendous amount of attention. The team of professional photographer and the international model attracted the attention of those in attendance. The synergy between the photographers and the models helped to create a perfect display of the products of the suppliers’ association members. The enthusiastic atmosphere of the audience also inspired a surge in the models’ appeal, and that pushed the summit to a climax!

The Tradegood Buyer Summit in August came to a successful close. Nowadays more than 5,000 corporate buyers are now using Tradegood as a portal for sourcing products, ranging from apparel and consumer electronics to home furnishings and health-care supplies from more than 100,000 suppliers. Tradegood will continue to provide even more resources and more comprehensive services for suppliers and buyers in an effort to create an international service platform to acquire even more business opportunities and gain greater trust! 


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