Tradegood Buyer Summit • Shanghai

Tradegood Buyer Summit • Shanghai



Thu, Mar 31, 2016

Shanghai G. Convention Centre

1:30 PM - 5:30 PM

On March 31 st, 2016, the first Tradegood Buyer Summit of this year ended successfully in Shanghai. At the site, the Business Matching and Factory Showcase were launched simultaneously. High participation and orderly arrangements ensured the smooth progress of the Shanghai Buyer Summit, which has been widely praised!

At the beginning of the Summit, Mr. Frank Yang, Regional Manager of Tradegood Supply Chain Analysis Center, gave a detailed introduction about the various attending buyers’ brands and their sourcing requirements, so as to facilitate friendly and focused interaction between buyers and suppliers, while at the same time giving suppliers a more in-depth understanding of the buyers in attendance. In the meantime, a freshly-made wonderful interview video of Mr. Sidney Ngai, BDA’s General Manager, was brought to the site for sharing with all the guests BDA’s Case Study of reaching more than USD 1 million orders with suppliers recommended by Tradegood within a short term, which left a deep impression on all the buyers and suppliers, and the experience Mr.Sidney Ngai shared in the interview also benefited everyone a lot.

In the session of Factory Showcase, the “Fabrics, Accessories & Hardgoods” theme attracted participation of 8 high-quality suppliers. It’s worth mentioning that, in addition to preparing a unique roll up banner for each supplier, we also clearly displayed the information of each exhibitor, and elaborately printed a Trade Book carrying the specific product information and pictures of each supplier, with a view to provide convenience for the buyers to acquire all-round knowledge about the suppliers, and also for the suppliers to promote themselves in the best fashion. Tradegood is always seeking effective ways to shorten the distance between buyers and suppliers, and create the most favorable environment for cooperation of the parties!

The featured session, the Business Matching, continued to maintain an efficient match rate. The 100% supplier attendance rate pushed the atmosphere to climax, as buyers and suppliers were enthusiastically communicating with each other. Detailed and professional recommendation made by Tradegood enabled both sides to further their cooperation with and understanding on each other. The buyers kept expressing their satisfaction with products recommended by the suppliers, and the buyers’ various questions and the suppliers’ professional answers both constantly facilitated intentions of cooperation between the two sides.

Year 2016 is a brand-new start. Tradegood will continue its utmost efforts to provide the most suitable, most professional services for all buyers and suppliers. Come and join us. More cooperation opportunities are waiting for you!


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