Tradegood Buyer Summit·Shenzhen

Tradegood Buyer Summit·Shenzhen



Thu, Mar 19, 2015 -

Fri, Mar 20, 2015


1:30 PM - 5:30 PM

The first Tradegood Buyer Summit for 2015 was held successfully at the Shenzhen Intertek MGS Office on March 19 and 20. On this occasion, more than 100 representatives of local suppliers and international buyers attended the summit, with more than 80 business-matching opportunities being created.

The first day of this summit was dedicated to garments and accessories. Ms. Regina Xue, Senior Analyst at the Tradegood Supply Chain Analysis Center, provided a full introduction to all attending buyers to help suppliers better understand the buyer representatives they would meet at the business-matching session and their sourcing requirements. This provided a good foundation for the orderly business-matching session that followed. Tradegood was honored to have Mr. Doug Pulsford, Head of International Sourcing at Poundland Far East Limited, share Poundland’s brand information and requirements with the suppliers. Mr. David Ho, General Manager of Tradegood, was also present to share the good news that the Tradegood Trend Boutique had been officially in operation since February. With this innovative concept, Tradegood is now providing an innovative user-friendly platform enabling high-quality supplier members to explore the international market.

The second day of the summit focused on hard goods and was also kicked off by Regina’s sharing of buyers’sourcing requests. Mr. Deboer Ke, Regional Manager of the Tradegood Supplier Analysis Center, then shared his insights into the latest trends and development prospects of Tradegood to further increase the suppliers’ confidence in the Tradegood sourcing community.

In order to generate good interaction with the suppliers, a ‘We-chat’ lucky draw was held at the Summit and ten lucky winners received special prizes.

During the most eagerly awaited part of the summit, the business-matching session, supplier representatives presented their samples and discussed sourcing requirements, as well as their own production capabilities and relevant qualifications with international buyers. Tradegood successfully created more than 80 face-to-face matching opportunities at this Summit alone.

Tradegood will continue to provide high-value-added services for our members, while continuously improving our service process and seizing every business opportunity to help both ends of the supply chain.


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