Tradegood Buyer Summit•Shenzhen

Tradegood Buyer Summit•Shenzhen



Thu, May 28, 2015 -

Fri, May 29, 2015

Intertek Shenzhen MGS Office (5/F, M-Space, Building A, Nanhai Avenue South, Shekou, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China)

1:30 PM - 5:30 PM

On May 28, 2015, the Shenzhen Buyer Summit took place again at the Intertek Shenzhen MGS Office. The summit gathered together many famous international brands and Chinese suppliers, and not only continued to attract the participation of long-standing members, but also attracted more new members to join in. On this occasion, more than 60 business-matching opportunities were created as a result. According to our online questionnaire survey data, the event generated consistent high praise.

With the global fashion trend intensifying, China is one of the few emerging markets and countries that can attract major international fashion brands, resulting in a whole new development in the fashion supply chain. On the first day of the summit, it was an honor for us to invite Mr. Yu Yubo, Vice General Manager, Qingdao Fanglian Group Co., Ltd. / Vice General Manager, Textile Valley Development Co., Ltd, to deliver a speech on the subject of the integration of the fashion-industry supply chain, which in turn generated a detailed discussion on the new direction for clothing and fashion companies in the new era. Tradegood General Manager David Ho and Mr. Yu conducted a lively and fascinating debate, both offering proactive macro views that were very well received.

 As a bridge between responsible buyers and credible suppliers, Tradegood is committed to providing members with the latest and most accurate information. That’s because a major brand requires "Innovation, Fashion, Uniqueness". From innovation and environmental protection in raw materials and the manufacturing process, to creative changes of design, high-quality suppliers inject new vitality and interpret brand values in a unique way. At this particular summit, Mr. Michael Leow, Asia/Pacific Sales & Marketing Head, Fashion Snoops, was invited to deliver his professional observations on the latest fashion trends, indicating to suppliers that the Oriental look is now becoming part of a global trend.

On May 29, the theme of the summit was hardgoods. The session started off by highlighting buyers’ purchasing needs, as shared by Michael Blanc, while Deboer Ke, Tradegood manufacturer analysis center area manager, introduced the services of Tradegood, further enhancing suppliers’ understanding of the Tradegood purchasing community.

The high-quality service rendered by the Tradegood Buyer Summit has made it a symbol of industry quality. The summit’s Mini Expo is designed to enable high-quality suppliers build a stage to show off products and their enterprise capabilities. In order to better interact with members, in addition to offering a prize customer satisfaction survey questionnaire link, we also invited experienced co-hosts to help build a more professional service platform.

Thanks to the Intertek global service experience of more than 130 years, Tradegood has become a prime resource of high-end global information and is able to attract many top buyers to provide good data and analysis to Chinese suppliers while offering customers the best products, in the process creating an excellent win-win situation for both buyers and sellers!


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