Tradegood Buyer Summit • Shenzhen

Tradegood Buyer Summit • Shenzhen

Tradegood Buyer Summit • Shenzhen



Thu, Nov 26, 2015

Intertek Shenzhen MGS Office (5/F, M-Space, Building A, Nanhai Avenue South, Shekou, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China)

1:30 PM - 5:30 PM

With a grateful heart, give back in action. On November 26th, the 2015 final buyer summit of Tradegood in Shenzhen was closed successfully at Thanksgiving. This summit attracted more than one hundred professional visitors and manufacturers from a variety of fields, like toys, gifts, accessories, etc., all of whom showed great excitement about the event; 31 enterprises participated in the factory showcase session, creating a new record.

At the beginning of this summit, Tradegood Supply Chain Analysis Center District Manager Mr. Michael Blanc introduced the buyer sourcing requests in details, enabling suppliers with appointment for matching to take part in the trade matching session smoothly, and further, helping potential customers acquire full knowledge about the actual needs of buyers and the matching operation process, which aroused keen interest of all guests present at the event.

Since orders are a foundation for survival of an enterprise, how to secure orders has been an eternal topic in the business community. In what way can an export enterprise fulfill orders that previously they were afraid to, didn’t want to or were unable to do so? During this summit, Mr. Zhong Jianing, General Manager of Guangzhou EIF International Trade Co., Ltd., explained how the EIF service platform can customize financial solutions for export enterprises to provide high-quality, efficient export and financial services. Using financial settlement modes to help enterprises win better orders represents an important way for the manufacturing industry to get out of the current economic downturn trend.

Under the increasingly severe environment for development of foreign trade, enterprises need to find a breakthrough. Tradegood Project Consultant Ms. Jojo gave a detailed analysis on how to come out ahead in the future trend of ecological development of foreign trade, and from a fresh perspective, elaborated how suppliers should better integrate with the international market in the current situation.

With great changes of global economies, China’s manufacturing industry is standing on the top of stormy waves. Especially at present and during the upcoming “13th Five-Year Plan” period, the industry is faced with all kinds of opportunities and challenges brought by the underpowered world economy and slumping demand, as well as the apparent pressure from domestic economic downturn and the critical period of transformation & upgrading of the traditional manufacturing industry, making it vitally important to provide a more extensive, more professional, more authoritative international industry sourcing platform, which is the exact role played by Tradegood. Given high expectations of suppliers for Tradegood, William Gao, District Manager of Tradegood Manufacturer Analysis Center, shared Tradegood’s buyer resources owned by virtue of ITS’s over 130 years of industry certification experience, which received enthusiastic response from guest present, and what’s more, attracted suppliers to come for consulting in an endless stream after the event.

In addition to the customary business-matching session, another bright spot is today’s factory showcase session. Through application at the early stage, exhibits from 31 suppliers were eventually selected. Well-designed manufacturer name tags and product information cards added beautiful scenery for the exhibition; various products were displayed orderly on booths, really a feast for all eyes! The exhibition hall, with large traffic, gained close attention from all exhibitors, visitors and buyers; moreover, it opened up a fast-matching channel for suppliers and buyers.

Looking back to the year of 2015, each summit held witnessed most of exhibitors and buyers leaving with fruitful results. The brand image and reputation of Tradegood has become increasingly popular with the industry, which can be evidenced by a flood of suppliers and buyers coming for business. However, even with such a growth speed, the needs of exhibitors still cannot be fully satisfied, so in 2016, it will be our focus to explore how to serve exhibitors and buyers in a more thoughtful and meticulous manner.


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