Tradegood Gazillion! Workshop·Shenzhen

Tradegood Gazillion! Workshop·Shenzhen



Wed, May 22, 2013

1 PM - 5 PM

With the last workshop held in Shenzhen on May 22, the Gazillion! Series Workshops were brought to a successful conclusion. About 40 representatives from suppliers attended this event. As on other occasions, Mr. Rich Rubsamen (President & CEO of Gazillion!) and Mr. David Alpert (Founder of Gazillion!) were invited to join the event to introduce a great opportunity to access the US$38 billion US hospitality sector.

Mr. Rubsamen made the opening speech to introduce the proven Gazillion! business model and the American hotels who work closely with them, as well as the benefits Tradegood can bring to China suppliers.Gazillion! can now sell your products through the internet, and through Tradegood is also looking for suppliers who can deliver top quality.

Afterwards, Ms. Sofia Lin (Tradegood Operations Manager) introduced what Tradegood is and how you can be a supplier to Gazillion! through Tradegood, the eagerly awaited business-matching session successfully created 21business matching opportunities with Gazillion!

The Tradegood Gazillion! Series Workshops held in seven different cities resulted in the creation of some 100 matching opportunities with Gazillion!, and through these events Tradegood suppliers have gained more information about what Gazillion! is and now look forward to entering the US hospitality sector through Tradegood. This event garnered much praise from supplier members! Tradegood looks forward to bringing you further quality service as always!


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