Tradegood Hardgoods Buyer Summit·Shenzhen

Tradegood Hardgoods Buyer Summit·Shenzhen



Mon, Aug 25, 2014

Intertek Shenzhen MGS Office (5/F, M-Space, Building A, Nanhai Avenue South, Shekou, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China)

10 AM - 5 PM

The first special summit for buyers and suppliers in the Hardgoods industry—the Tradegood Hardgoods Buyer Summit—was successfully held at Shenzhen MGS office on August 25, 2014. This time over 100 suppliers and six international buyers attended the summit, and more than 80 matching opportunities were created.

The ever-popular Mini-Expo section at this summit also introduced its first innovation: suppliers who showcased their products at this Mini-Expo and were selected by an attending buyer, were offered a face-to-face business matching opportunity with that buyer. Under careful management, three Mini-Expo sessions successfully generated more than 10 matching opportunities, which suppliers praised enthusiastically.

At the summit opening, Mr. Marco Guo, Sourcing Merchandiser from Casino Global Sourcing, introduced their business information as well as sourcing requirements to the suppliers attending and, after Marco’s introduction, Tradegood project specialist Ms. Jojo Li also provided a full introduction to all attending buyers and their sourcing requirements to help suppliers better understand the buyers they were to meet at the business-matching session. Mr. David Ho, Vice President, North-east Asia, Tradegood, was then invited to deliver an update on “Tradegood services and Intertek information sharing”to share with suppliers the latest buyer resources and Tradegood services, which further increased the confidence of the suppliers in the Tradegood sourcing community. At the same time, this summit invited Ms. Delia Dai, Vice President for Business Development, Sigma Breakthrough Technologies Incorporate., to make a speech on "Sharpening Your Competitive Advantage to Meet Buyers' Requirements and Expectations". Delia’s interactive speech and in-depth analysis emphasized the importance of lean production in enabling suppliers to improve their competitive advantage. Delia also revealed that SBTI has been discussing customized training programs with Intertek, which may launch tailor-made training courses for Tradegood supplier members to help them improve their competitiveness. Backed by Intertek, Tradegood is committed to integrating resources to provide the best platform for improving the capacity of its supplier members.

At the most important part of the summit, the business-matching session, supplier representatives presented their samples and discussed sourcing requirements with the international buyers as well as their own production capabilities and relevant qualifications. At this summit, Tradegood successfully contributed to creating more than 80 matching opportunities.

Tradegood is committed to connecting global buyers and suppliers by proactively improving our services and content with the goal of helping you seize new opportunities in global trade and creating real added value for you.


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