2014 Tradegood Buyer Summit·Shenzhen

2014 Tradegood Buyer Summit·Shenzhen



Tue, Aug 12, 2014

Intertek Shenzhen MGS Office (5/F, M-Space, Building A, Nanhai Avenue South, Shekou, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China)

1 PM - 5 PM

The Tradegood Buyer summit returned to Shenzhen on August 12, 2014 at the Shenzhen MGS office. This time over 100 suppliers and 12 international buyers attended the summit, breaking the attendance record set by previous buyer summits held in Shenzhen.

This summit saw the welcome reappearance of the Photo Studio, where we arrange photo shooting by professional models and photographers to enhance customers’ product images. This received many positive endorsements from our supplier members, who were provided with vivid and attractive product photos.

At the summit opening, Mr. Ted Miao, Regional Manager of the Tradegood Supply Chain Analysis Center, introduced the attending buyers and their sourcing requirements to help suppliers better understand the buyers they were to meet at the business-matching session. Another of our Regional Managers, Mr. Marcus Macalle, introduced Tradegood services and buyer resources to explain the whole working procedure of the Tradegood professional buyer-development team and the latest buyer resources developed, which further raised the confidence level of the suppliers in the Tradegood sourcing community. At the same time, the Tradegood summit invited Ms. Sara Chen, General Manager of Training and Consultancy, Intertek China, to make a presentation on "How Intertek Training Assists Suppliers to Fulfill Buyer and Export Market Requirements". Backed by Intertek’s extensive resources, Tradegood can not only match quality buyer resources with the supplier membership, but also provide a high-quality platform to enhance the capabilities of those suppliers. During the matching session, we also invited Tradegood project specialist Ms. Jojo Li to make a presentation providing suppliers with insights into new trends in the fashion industry. Jojo’s informative remarks won unanimous praise from attending suppliers.

At the most important part of the summit, the business-matching session, supplier representatives presented their samples and discussed purchasing requirements with the international buyers present as well as their own production capabilities and relevant qualifications. As a result, Tradegood successfully contributed to more than 70 matching opportunities.

Tradegood is committed to connecting global buyers and suppliers by proactively improving our service and content with the goal of helping you seize new opportunities in global trade and creating real added value for you.


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