Tradegood Workshop·London

Tradegood Workshop·London



Wed, Nov 20, 2013

Holiday Inn Kings Cross Bloomsbury, London

11:30 AM - 3 PM

On Nov 20, 2013, the Tradegood London Workshop took place successfully at the Holiday Inn Kings Cross Bloomsbury, London. Over 30 attendees, including leading UK buyers, retailers and Tradegood suppliers, participated in the event. 

Mr. David Ho, Vice President, Northeast Asia, Tradegood, welcomed all the guests and made a speech entitled ‘Tradegood – The Game Changer in Sourcing’ by way of introducing this B2B sourcing platform as well as its exceptional resources and unique advantages. Some 22 buyers from 13 companies, including The Sourcing Team, Wilkinson, Kingfisher UK, Suck UK, Burberry, The White Company, Rextrek, AstraZeneca, Meller Group, Daniel Hersheson, Boden Celesio and a prestigious UK department store),expressed a keen interest in his remarks.

 During the buffet lunch, Chinese suppliers networked actively with UK buyers, introducing China’s export industry and its production capabilities. The parties exchanged opinions on global sourcing trends and features in Western markets.

 During the Q&A session in the afternoon, in response to a buyer’s question about the Tradegood/Trendstop training, Chinese suppliers went on stage to talk about their experiences and feelings about the course. The result was a really good interaction between some responsible buyers and trusted suppliers.

The workshop provided an excellent opportunity for the Chinese suppliers and UK buyers to enhance their communication. Tradegood received valuable feedback from the buyers, many of whom are looking forward to carrying out their sourcing plans through Tradegood.




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