Tradegood Workshop cum Tradegood University·Hangzhou

Tradegood Workshop cum Tradegood University·Hangzhou

Tradegood Workshop cum Tradegood University·Hangzhou



Wed, Mar 26, 2014

InterContinental Hotel Hangzhou, 2F/ Zhejiang Ballroom

1 PM - 5 PM

The first lecture of the new Tradegood service projectfor2014—Tradegood University—was held at Intercontinental Hotels& Resorts in Hangzhou on March 26th, 2014. Some 36 suppliers attended the first value-added session.

At this session, Professor James Wang, General Manager, China Domestic Marketing Services, Intertek China, delivered a presentation on‘2013-2014: Present Situation & Prospects for the Macro Economic Environment & China's Textile Industry’. Professor Wang not only reviewed the world economic situation in 2013, but also gave suppliers from textile enterprises some fresh ideas on currently emerging business strategies. In the subsequent Q&A session, the attending suppliers showed keen interest and satisfaction with their discussion of the industry situation and other hot topics with Professor Wang.

After the first presentation, Gavin Hong, deputy director of the Tradegood Supply Chain Analysis Center, introduced Tradegood buyer resources for 2014 and a series of buyer activities, sharing the value and benefit that Tradegood can bring to suppliers. His presentation gave the suppliers a clearer picture of how they can benefit from Tradegood’s global service capabilities.

At the same time, a private matching event was held for a well-known US underwear products company. Some nine suppliers enjoyed face-to-face meetings with the buyer representative. Thanks to effective communication, the buyer now has the confidence to cooperate with our Tradegood quality supplier members in the future.

The latest servicefor2014—the high value-added courses provided by Tradegood University—will undoubtedly provide insightful information enabling our supplier members to further develop their export performance.

In future activities, Tradegood University hopes to offer our supplier members further information on the export business and will be preparing a wider range of professional courses. We greatly look forward to seeing you at our upcoming Tradegood University workshops.




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