Tradegood Workshop·Guangzhou

Tradegood Workshop·Guangzhou



Wed, Jan 08, 2014

1 PM - 5 PM

Just one week into 2014 and already a number of events arranged for Tradegood suppliers are in full swing. On 8 January, the Tradegood Guangzhou Workshop was held successfully at the Intertek Guangzhou Office, with 25 invited suppliers participating in the event.

Prior to the matching session we also held a mini-expo for suppliers who brought their latest products to the workshop in order to showcase their product quality and factory capacity to the buyers and potential business partners. All the attending buyers and suppliers have expressed appreciation for this highly useful Tradegood service.

At the event we also introduced the suppliers to a whole new series of Tradegood service programs for 2014. Through continuous exploration and innovation, Tradegood is able to offer overseas marketing solutions which meet domestic and international market trends and most suit the actual needs of Chinese suppliers. We will spare no effort in enhancing our services to Chinese suppliers and will help them display their unique strengths in the international merchandising arena!

Meanwhile, the buyer representatives from SC Global Sourcing and Monsoon brought their latest sourcing requests to the Guangzhou workshop for business matching with quality suppliers in the city.

A total of 13 supplier members made effective presentations to the buyer from SC Global Sourcing and five supplier members successfully connected with the buyer from Monsoon. They also presented samples and provided quotations in order to secure business opportunities.

The representatives of SC Global Sourcing and Monsoon expressed keen satisfaction with the quality suppliers introduced by Tradegood, and for their part the supplier members were highly appreciative of the high-quality matching services provided.

It is our hope that the new Tradegood services will help you build a wider and more effective overseas marketing system.


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