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Two specialized publications integrating industry information, product recommendation and industrial analysis are here to provide reasonable suggestions from each angle of business, with a view to boosting the further development of your enterprise by accompanying you to increase market sensitivity, make right choices in every step including business partner selection, production mode, future trend, merchandise display form, sales channel, etc., acquire first-hand information, become aware of industry news in the first place, communicate all-round, first-class viewpoints on a real-time basis, and eventually make the best decisions!

Trade Book

Provide valued information such as Tradegood quality supplier profile, product details, supplier capacity, scale, qualification certificate, etc., so that buyers can have a clear, thorough understanding of all suppliers they are interested in. The QR code and website within Trade Book will support you to check more products or information of a specific supplier in a quick, convenient manner.

Business Chain Business Chain

The industry magazine published by Tradegood. Thanks to our DNA in the supply-chain industry, Tradegood is in a unique position to gain insights into sourcing trends and regulations and to observe their impact on the global market. Business Chain provides insightful information enabling industry professionals to stay abreast of the latest trends and make informed business choices.

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Or check out the Tradegood Knowledge Center to attend different training sessions at your own pace. We offer broad, practical sourcing and acquisition educational modules, and coordinate with outside educational programs to cover all of the different areas that go into the manufacturing process.

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