Tradegood Officially Debuts in Germany Announces New Partnership with GermanFashion

Feb 01, 2013


Tradegood Officially Debuts in Germany Announces New Partnership with GermanFashion


German,Feb 1,2013 Tradegood, a B2B sourcing community enabling responsible buyers and trusted suppliers to get connected, was officially launched in Germany at a press conference of the GermanFashion Association of Germany (GermanFashion Modeverband Deutschland e.V.). At the same time, Tradegood’s partnership with GermanFashion to promote the textile industry in Germany was also announced.

The global fashion industry is facing a major challenge in terms of increasing demands from governments and consumers to ensure impeccable standards across social, environmental, quality and safety considerations throughout the entire supply chain. The transparency of the supply chain is therefore more important than ever.

“It is important to build up trust between our members and their supplier partners in the Far East. But it is costly and time consuming for buyers to verify supplier qualification across the entire globe. Thanks to Tradegood, we now have a cost-effective solution for buyers who require accurate and insightful information on supplier profiles,” says Thomas Rasch, Managing Director of GermanFashion.

Through the “Business done right” verification process, underpinned by Intertek’s 127 years’ experience across the supply chain, verified information, including business licenses, company compliance and images of products and facilities, in supplier profiles is marked with a “Verified Mark”. This gives comfort to buyers as only real companies and real people with real products and services are put forward. GermanFashion members are now free to search and connect with over 20,000 verified suppliers from more than 100 countries and 20 industries by accessing the Tradegood database for screening, matching and comparing new with existing suppliers. In addition, Tradegood will now provide regular seminars and business-matching events to all GermanFashion members.

“Tradegood exerts a very positive influence on the entire supply chain. It brings greater transparency and accountability to the complex global supply chain, and supplies qualified information which other competitors cannot provide,” Mr. Rasch explained.

Dimitry van Toorn, Tradegood president of Europe, Africa and Middle East says: “We are delighted to enter into partnership with GermanFashion, and we look forward to helping German buyers match with our Tradegood members and to bringing them a host of new market insights.”

GermanFashion’s Mr. Rasch will be joining Tradegood at a series of Supply Chain Forums and visiting some factories in Bangladesh and China from Apr 22 to Apr 26.

Supply Chain Forums – A Dive into the German Market

Apr 22

 - Supply Chain Forum, Dhaka, Bangladesh         

Apr 24

 - Supply Chain Forum, Hangzhou, China

Apr 26

 - Supply Chain Forum, Dongguan, China




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