Tradegood: the Win-win Matchmaker for Buyers and Suppliers

Jul 28, 2015


Tradegood: the Win-win Matchmaker for Buyers and Suppliers


New York and Shanghai, Jun 12, 2015 – Tradegood, the sourcing community developed by Intertek that connects responsible buyers with trusted suppliers, is pleased to announce that our business-matching service has successfully paired up over 600 buyers and suppliers, with the total value of orders placed reaching some US$15 million. These specific results clearly reflect the actual effectiveness of the Tradegood service.

More than 5,000 corporate buyers are now using as a portal for sourcing products, ranging from apparel and consumer electronics to home furnishings and health-care supplies from more than 100,000 suppliers. Many well-known international buyers choose the Tradegood resource that provides one-stop supply-chain services. New York-based Vanilla Star Jeans has located an appropriate apparel and accessories supplier through a business-matching session at the Tradegood Buyer Summit. Meanwhile, the iGO division of United Surgical also teamed up with a perfectly matched supplier, on orthopedic health-care items, at a private matching event. And these are just two of many similar examples.

Tradegood provides customized services for both buyer and supplier members. Members can choose suitable services according to their characteristics and needs and Tradegood will work out a tailor-made plan for every individual member. Tradegood covers many industries, including garments and accessories, toys, footwear, leather products, luggage and suitcases, hard goods, printing and stationery, etc. Thanks to the continuously growing number of Tradegood buyer and supplier members, the total volume of orders connected through Tradegood is constantly rising.

Picture 1: Product categories of successful cases matched by Tradegood

Tradegood buyers come from all over the world, including America, Britain, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, Russia and elsewhere. Through face-to-face communication, both buyers and suppliers achieve win-win cooperation. The screening and recommendations made by the Tradegood professional analysis team save a great deal of time for buyers in finding a perfect match from a big pool of suppliers. And, most importantly, the Tradegood verification process, a key part of the supplier profile, helps buyers eliminate blind spots and uncertainties in sourcing.

Picture 2: Tradegood member buyers come from all over the world.

Picture 3: Tradegood Buyer Summit provides the best communication platform for buyers and suppliers.

Tradegood business-matching services have given rise to many successful cases and have eased the sourcing procedure workload for many international buyer members. Tradegood intends to keep up the good work and continue to support and maintain this transparent and responsible community that buyers and suppliers can really trust.


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