2016 Footwear Trends

Date: December 20, 2015

2016 Footwear Trends

Footwear Forecast: Color and Style

The year is drawing to a close and it is time to embrace new styles, new ways of thinking and the inevitable future. For footwear trends, the New Year will emphasize cultural openness and economic hopefulness. Designers in 2016 will find inspiration in exotic juxtapositions that re-emphasize the humanity in imperfection when contrasted against geometric patterns and sharp lines.The shoe colors will reflect natural tones and calming states. Let’s get excited for the upcoming footwear industry trends that will help us embrace elegance and diversity at the same time.

Shoe Types

When it comes to upcoming footwear market trends, we can look forward to an array of styles ranging from casual to eclectic remixes of classic. Platforms will make reappearance in 2016, making a jaunt to the dancefloor feasible while showcasing elegant foot elevation.Designers are twisting it up with combinations of unisex appearing shoes paired with the historically feminine pointy-toe heel. The result in coming year will be a slew of toe heels with less of a gender identity.Very flat flats will be in trend again, giving us a combination of simplicity and elegance.You can take a look to fashion shows in New York, London, Milan and Paris for the 2016 shoe trends and shoe wholesalers and buyers can decide what to supply and source for the upcoming year.


While we may not buy and wear much silver jewelry in next year, we will certainly be wearing it on our feet. Metallic decorations will dominate in shoe trend 2016. Along the theme of futuristic patterns, we can also expect to see extravagant geometric laces that accentuate a contrast between the contours of a human foot and the precision of repeating lines.Digital prints will decorate shoes as well, placing an emphasis on fractal patterns and kaleidoscope-like symmetry.These patterns do not only represent an affront to imprisoned thinking, but also emphasize the power of unscientific curvature and the human counterexample to a digital, mathematical and precise world of expectation.

Cultural Elements

As globalization in our daily lives encourages cultural awareness and exploration, we can look forward to a dynamic range of influences inspiring our shoe designs. From Afro-Asian geometries to Indian explosions to unidentified village-wear, designers will mix and match unique elements from societies across the globe. We can assume that some cultural elements will dominate and African styles will serve as the most referenced muse of 2016 footwear trends.While cultural appropriation remains a concern, designers will try to create beautiful remixes that do not steal so much as they celebrate the ingenuity of longstanding traditions unfamiliar to the western eye.


Extremes always catch our eyes but they might exhaust our senses when they are used too often. For the shoe trends for 2016, we can appreciate a tonal calming as the colors will have a peaceful take on the previously emphasized popping color trend. We will relax with light blues and other cold tones when it comes to breezy colors.We can also look forward to embracing dusty tones that will enhance call our attention to the subtlety of natural tones. Among the most prominent breezy colors will be nude and light brown.For springtime cheer, we can anticipate extremely energetic celebrations of sunshine with tropical colors and bright neon.


Shoe trends 2016 will showcase numerous classic fabrics, but we can look forward to some attempts to bring experiment with novelty. While pearls and feathers have not traditionally been used as shoe fabrics, we can expect to see them used as the material we wear on our feet next year. Pearls will be prominent on heels of high and thick heeled shoes. Feathers will make an appearance on laces, toes and near the heel of our shoes. The rising cost of leather in China will make it more exotic for footwear. We can look forward to leather shoe fabrics that expand and showcase what leather can do as a fabric.Rubber will also make an appearance — especially with lace up heels and juxtapositions of luxurious shoe types and normcore fabrics.

Footwear Trends 2016

The changing seasons and years often bring a sense of fear, or anxiety. But we can ease our concerns and look forward to elegant footwear fashion that will encourage us to open our minds, appreciate enthusiastic juxtaposition of culture, natural colors, scientific patterns, and fabrics that rebel against depleting global resources.As metallic patterns remind us the power of the computer age, tropical colors will engage our appreciation for the natural. Feathers and pearls will challenge our ideas of traditional fabrics and norm core remixes with luxurious will remind us of life’s inevitable constant: change.

For a fresh and colorful new year, we can all enjoy the innovation of footwear trend for 2016. 

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