2016 Spring/Summer Fashion Trend

Date: January 29, 2016

2016 Spring/Summer Fashion Trend

Here are the Spring/Summer fashion trends in 2016.

Trends come and go but style is eternal. So what is the latest fashion trend that defines this season? Here are the key trends, from head to toes, you need to know in 2016. Let’s take a look on the fashion trend in 2016 and be the first ones to embrace the latest trend. For clothes manufacturers and retailers, here are all you need for designing, merchandising and making the best retail decisions.

Head – It seems like everyone will be wearing bucket hat this season. Bucket hat might sounds a bit old-fashioned for some people, but the 90s trend is in the season again! Spring and summer are always the seasons for casual clothes, so pair the bucket hat with casual shorts or skirts would be your outfit to go in this spring and summer in 2016.

Top – Every summer is the season which let every girls to show off their well-trained body. Seduction would still be in trend for this spring and summer, naked shoulder is the main focus. Matching the naked shoulder top with a mini skirt or a pair of hot pants is the perfect match. If you want a more sexy, seduction option, naked shoulder crop top is definitely your choice in SS 2016.

Bottom – Summer is the season which everyone get ready for the humid weather. The current season trend is making everyone to have a more comfortable summer because wide-leg bottoms is in trend again. Perhaps not everyone like wide-leg bottoms because this could possibly make people look shorter, choosing a high-waist wide-leg bottom and matching it with crop top will definitely make you look taller and trendy in 2016.

Dress – Be prepared for embracing the feminine details this season. Ruffles around the sleeve or ruffles all-over the dress will be everyone’s favorite in SS 2016. All these little details will transform your look in season. Simple colors like pink and black are designer favorite in this season too.

Shoes – Many people thought wedges are also the shoes to go in spring and summer time, but in SS 2016, very flat flats are in trend again. Shoe designers are trying to have more combinations flats or low-heels with less of a gender identity

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Bags – If you think tote bags are too boring, or if you want to carry your heavy laptop to different places in the day, you have a very good choice this season which makes you feel relaxed and in trend. Thanks to different luxury retail brands, a vintage-like backpack is in trend again. Vintage backpack with nylon wares will be popular in this season. Matching it with a pair of oxford shoes could be your day-to-day outfit which makes you look good in every occasions this spring and summer.

Make up–Perhaps it’s not a surprise for every spring and summer, but natural tone is in trend again. Minimalist makeup are make-up designers’ favorite this season. Very smooth foundation, eye shadow with earth tone eye shadow palette and gently applied blush are your day-to-night make up to go in this spring and summer.

Accessories– No outfit goes perfect without accessories. Adding statement accessories to your simple and natural outlook this summer is your day-to-night outfit. These jewelry are going to make you feel completed in day time and sparkled at night.

The 90s trend comes back again, and this is the season to embrace the natural outfit. Let’s mix and match and enjoy the innovation of fashion trend 2016.


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