7 Characteristics of a Reliable Wholesale Shoes Supplier in China

Date: July 2, 2014

7 Characteristics of a Reliable Wholesale Shoes Supplier in China

Thanks to evolving trends in the fashion industry, the global footwear market is experiencing sustainable growth. Retailers and resellers worldwide are scrambling to keep up with increasing demand for innovative designs and are playing a major role in the market and supply chain. Their ability, credibility, and consistency as regards deliverables are non-negotiable.

Transparent Market Research’s Footwear Market report validates the industry’s growth. From its 2011 value of $185.2 billion, it is expected to reach $211.5 billion within the next three years (2018), with the Asia-Pacific region taking the lead in the global market in terms of revenue.

To meet the demand, most footwear retailers and resellers buy wholesale shoes in China, which yields higher revenue streams because of the cheap prices and labor costs in production. But quality must be the top priority. The quantity of footwear distributors does not guarantee that all of them provide exceptional products—and online scams are prevalent, too.

To avoid problems, buyers have to look for these 7 characteristics of a reliable wholesale footwear supplier:

1. Transparent pricing options:  Sourcing wholesale shoes from China involves international transactions. A reliable wholesale footwear supplier offers transparent pricing options with a detailed breakdown of payment methods, shipping costs, terms on bulk orders, and a guarantee of no hidden charges. If the price is too good to be true, buyers should think twice and research more.

2. Updated technology and communication platforms:  Established footwear suppliers in China will invest in the latest technology and communication platforms such as sourcing platforms and secured payment gateways for the convenience of their buyers. Is the website live and updated? Can buyers make inquiries via email, live chat, or phone call? Buyers should refrain from making transactions in unverified and unsecured websites and forums.

3. 101% positive online reviews: Buyers can easily check the credibility of footwear distributors on the web. Suppliers that provide positive feedback and have no record of scam alerts can be recommended. Buyers can type <company name> and the keyword <scam> in the search bar to do more thorough research.  

4. Systematic contingency plans in logistics:   A reliable supplier is armed with contingency plans in logistics and tracking tools in case of emergencies or force majeure events. Buying wholesale shoes from China must be secured throughout the process to avoid disruption of supply.

5. Provides written contracts and forms:  To protect buyers and retailers, they have well-writtencontracts that include detailed provisions, such as terms on pricing, quality-control issues, parties involved, liability for breaching contract, and other legal enforcements, all in proper contracts reviewed by lawyers.

6. Complete registration and certifications:  Credible footwear distributors are registered and certified as companies in compliance with China’s governing rules in business operation, production, and labor requirements.

7. Proactive online presence with media partnerships:  They are likely to be present where their target audience is—on the Internet. As social media and online marketing reshape business strategies, suppliers cannot ignore the importance of being actively involved online through social media accounts and B2B platforms. They have established media relations, which mean they were recommended because of their credibility and trustable supplier evaluation ratings

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