Home Decor Supplies – China, India, Vietnam or Myanmar is the best?

Date: July 20, 2016

Home Decor Supplies – China, India, Vietnam or Myanmar is the best?

Importing Home Decor Supplies

People are now focusing more on home and lifestyle, and while this is happening, suppliers and retailers are faced with the challenge of where to source unique and high-quality home décor products. These four Asian countries are popular choices for sourcing: China, India, Vietnam, and Myanmar. But, before doing anything, you need to understand each source and what it has to offer.


What is the preferred taste of your customers regarding material and design of home décor products?

In China, you will find a wide range of home décor products because its labor force is highly diversified plus there is easy access to different raw materials. Also, mass production is the major form of production compared to hand crafts. On the other hand, India’s home décor products are mainly hand crafted mainly using materials such as glass, metal, and crystal.

If you are looking for home and garden décor that merges traditional craftsmanship and modern designs, you will find them in Vietnam. Here, the products feature multifunction models made from various materials with vibrant colors and complex patterns. You will also find highly diversified and decorative ceramic products which thrive as a result of the numerous resources available.

For unique product designs including those that feature religious and cultural heritage, the place to go is Myanmar. The common themes range from religious and cultural icons to those that bring nature close to your home as seen in rural themes such as forests, lakes and ice fields. Products here go through a highly detailed and time-consuming assembly processes such as painting and engraving. This is mainly done using materials such as silver, bronze, lacquer ware, and seashells. Hand crafted items and lacquer-coated decorations and patterns are popular in Myanmar.

Product pricing

The price of a particular home décor product depends on the cost of labor and the raw materials that are being used. The prices in China are up because of the increasing costs of labor while prices in India are expected to increase as the price of labor and raw material continue to go up. The pricing in Myanmar and Vietnam are still low although together with India, you will find different prices among the low end, mid-range and high end together with the product features within each category.

Design and technology

Producers of home décor products need to use technology to increase efficiency and economies of scale. This ensures that the products are produced and supplied in time while at the same being able to handle the large quantity of orders.

Among the four countries, India is more advanced both in technology and design while China is increasingly investing highly in technology and R&D, a process that is fueled by government support and consumer expectations. Vietnam is slowly adapting to advanced technology although most of the products are still hand crafted which makes it hard for suppliers to handle large orders. Myanmar, being the worst regarding technology among the four countries, still lacks the technology that is needed to increase production levels.

Manufacture and quality control

In every manufacturing industry, a defined manufacturing process together with tight quality control measures ensures that the products meet high-quality standards expected in the market.

While China has a strong supply chain base, most productions in India are performed in-house with samples being typically provided within a two week period. In such settings, you will find QC teams that are composed of three to five inspectors. In Vietnam, you should expect to receive samples for between 10 to 60 days and the delivery to be made within 30 to 45 days. The raw materials used depends on the buyers requirements, and the QC depends on inputs that are utilized. Producers in Myanmar are usually small scale enterprises that are family owned. These SMES usually specialize in bronze and lacquer ware while midsize suppliers focus mainly on seashell items.


Given the solid engineering and technical skills, China’s labor force is the most expensive among the four countries although labor cost is also increasing in India. Vietnam has low labor costs together with a wide pool of skilled artisans although it still has low efficiency and lack trade promotions, marketing skills and export knowledge. Myanmar lacks the required labor force due to the level of intricacy required in its products which make the training of artisans to be too long. There is also the lack of export knowledge, international requirements, designing, and marketing.

Are you looking for the best place to source home décor products? The above countries all have their pros and cons in sourcing home décor products. While rising labor cost in China is a concern for buyers, it boasts skilled workers and more advanced technology than the others.

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