Kick-Start Your Fashion Store through Wholesale Boutique Clothing

Date: September 15, 2014

Kick-Start Your Fashion Store through Wholesale Boutique Clothing

How to Start your Boutique Business by Finding Reliable Clothing Wholesalers

It takes more than design talent to run a successful fashion brand. The more crucial factors for making profits include owning a good retail business as well as some specifics about buying wholesale boutique clothing. Your success will depend on a good amount of research, a bit of insight, an understanding of the clothing wholesale industry, and meticulous planning.

The clothing industry has a mass market: everyone needs clothes, but no shop can serve all types of customer. Identifying your target group is therefore your first step. Spend some time to do the research and find out the preferences of your target group. This will helps you determine the right price range and style for your shop.

The next step is to find and select the right clothing wholesalers. A clothing wholesaler receives bulk merchandise from manufacturers and sells the items to business owners or trading companies who do further distribution. Wholesalers thrive on volume purchases so the more you buy, the cheaper the unit price and the higher the profit margin. As a new boutique owner, it is better to purchase from smaller wholesalers or agents, as buying in large quantity at the start of your business is unrealistic. When your sales increase or your fashion stores multiply, you can move to directly purchasing from a larger wholesaler to maximize your profit margin.

The National Association of Wholesale Distributors provides a list of clothing wholesalers in the US, while online global-sourcing platforms, such as Tradegood, connect you to trusted global suppliers for free. There are also many trade shows during the year which provide ideal opportunities to reconnoiter many wholesalers at once.

The fashion industry has exploded in recent years as online shopping grows in popularity, and so finding quality and reliable wholesalers is a key factor for success. Building and maintaining a good relationship with a wholesaler may get you first access to new products and the efficient remedying of mistakes or replacement of damaged goods. And relationships are often crucial in negotiations. Also, reliable wholesalers not only provide good-quality products and at a good price, but also have ethical practices. This will save you from ethical problems in the long run.

Once you’ve found a target apparel wholesaler, research details like volume discounts, shipping and return policies, and customs policies. Ask for customer references, read online comments from other buyers, and work with a legal expert before signing any contracts. And be sure that any verbal commitments are included in writing in all your documentation.

It’s been said that success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration, and starting your own fashion store is no different. Although statistics show that only one in every ten entrepreneurial efforts succeed, with careful planning, accurate market awareness, and great wholesale partners, you too can be outstandingly successful. 

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