Quality Inspection and Why You Need It

Date: August 12, 2016

Quality Inspection and Why You Need It

The Importance of Quality Inspection when Sourcing Products Globally

Quality inspection is imperative for any business and should never be overlooked. From plant facilities, original materials, manufacturing process, to finished products, regular inspections enable companies to detect production issues and make sure that outputs meet applicable standards and have high quality.

What is Quality Inspection?

Simply put, quality inspection is a procedure or set of procedures that examines, measures and test product features to ensure that they adhere to a defined set of standards or meet a specific requirement. There are mainly four types of quality inspection for each stage of the production process. A pre-production inspection focuses on the raw materials and components that will go into production later and ensures that the manufacturers are using the proper materials. A during production inspection usually happens in the early stage of a production cycle after 10-15% of the products are finished. If there is any quality issue, corrective measures can be taken for the rest of the job. The final random inspections happen after all goods are finished. Buyers/inspectors will then select samples and verify that they adhere to industry standard or meet specific requirements of their companies/brands. Lastly, the container loading supervision, which happens in the manufacturers' warehouse, oversees the loading process and ensures that the right products are shipped in the right quantity with the right packaging. This type is especially important for fragile goods that need special handling.

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The Importance of Quality Inspection

Quality inspection is costly, but its significance cannot be overstated. Here are some specific reasons why these examinations should be an essential step to the success of your business:

Increasing Revenue with Superior Products

Marketing and sales channels might play a vital role, but products remain the core of every business. Quality inspection enables you to spot out defective merchandise, take corrective measures and ensure that only products of high quality and meet your specific requirement will be sold in the market. It is the primary contribution to a company’s revenue, profitability, and overall success.

Competitive Advantages and Opportunities to Expand

Inspections ensure that only the high-quality goods will reach your customers, giving you an edge over your competitors whose merchandise might be inferior. It also allows you to charge a premium price for your products, which will translate into a high profit margin. In the long run, products with superior quality are the base of growing your company's market share or expanding into other markets.

Fewer Customer Complaints and More Customer Trust

A reliable quality inspection system that guarantees high product quality can increase customers’ satisfaction and motivate them to make repeat purchases because they trust your products. For a company looking for long-term success, loyal customers help save cost as acquiring a new customer is six times more expensive than retaining one. Satisfied customers will not only be your loyal audience, but they can advocate your brand and recommend your products to their families and friends.

Reducing Cost

Pre-production inspections prevent manufacturing from using incorrect or below-standard materials; A during production testing detects product deficiency in the early stage – both minimizing the cost of reworking or any other corrective actions. The container loading supervision is rarely used, but it can effectively reduce the cost resulted from damaged goods, incorrect quantity or even wrong merchandise.

Sound Brand Name and Reputation

While a satisfied customer can be your brand’s advocate, a disappointed one can damage your company’s reputation and image. Negative reviews travel fast across every corner of the world in a digital age, and there is no simple remedy once harm is done. Sufficient quality inspection reduces the chance of defective products reaching your customers and therefore protect your brand image and reputation.

Impartial Third Party Inspection

Utilizing a neutral third party to act as a quality inspector will ensure that the assessment you receive is professional and unbiased, as it is not involved in any activities other than examining and checking. It offers you a more realistic measure of what is and is not right about your products and what needs improvement within your production system. It also saves your time and resources. Due to the complex nature of manufacturing, trading and retail businesses and the risks involved in running a production business, it is crucial to look for quality inspection throughout the manufacturing process, particularly from a reliable and impartial third party.

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