The Perfect Way to Find Wholesale Phone Case Suppliers

Date: September 21, 2015

The Perfect Way to Find Wholesale Phone Case Suppliers

Cell Phone Cases Sourcing Tips in 2015 

With the upcoming release of the eagerly awaited iPhone 6s and the deluge of smartphone cases into the market, we wanted to run through some sourcing tips for Smartphone cases. Whilst this can’t be an expansive list, we wanted to deliver for you an overview of where the market stands today, where it might be going tomorrow and some useful takeaways that you can implement immediately.

1.Get to know the local and international sourcing standards

As with all sourcing, international and domestic red tape can get in the way of things. With this in mind, we always advise clients of the importance of getting a good understanding not only of the local standards and requirements but also those of the sourcing nation. With sourcing smartphone cases from China, you will need to factor in the materials used, the suitability and sizing for the most popular smartphones in your location, and also the style preferences of your target market.

2.International Flavour, but local tastes

International trends can dictate a lot on the local level, but that doesn’t mean local tastes, preferences and opinions can be discounted easily. Sizing and brand preferences play a large role in determining the market open for various smartphone cases. In South Korea, for example, local consumption is geared towards larger screen sizes and brand choice matches that intent. In the US, Apple products dominate the market, and we have seen how the sizing of Apple products can change rapidly within a short space of time to match or drive user behaviour. As such, it is important when sourcing a phone case supply partner, that you first refine your thinking to the products that are in demand, and have the greatest demand within your target market. Think of your customer base and their likely habits. Are they early adopters of new smartphones? In which case, it’s a good idea to gear up for the release of the new phones.

3.Materials to suite any taste

The smartphone case market is served by a plethora of different material options, allowing for greater flexibility of design. With leather covers, the consideration is between real, PU and synthetic leather. Real leather cases tend to be on the more expensive, high-end side of the market. Synthetic leather, meanwhile, comes at a cheaper cost but with reduced quality, whilst PU leather is a hybrid leather, offering real leather for the backing and synthetic leather for the top surface. Each comes with their own benefits and setbacks that need to be evaluated against the price, and price sensitivity of your target audience.

Knitted covers are another popular option, although typically amongst the younger audience, and comprise cell phone ‘socks’ and pouches knitted together using a variety of differing fibres. On the cheaper end, acrylic offers an easy wash product but at a reduced level of quality. Whilst wool offers a more hardwearing fibre, but it may at times need to be hand washed. Cotton smartphone cases offer a nice smooth feel, although they can go baggy after consistent use. Towards the luxury end we have fabrics such as silk and cashmere, which can be fragile and difficult to source readymade.

Fabric covers also offer a wide variety of material options including canvas, cotton, velvet, silicon, metal, carbon fibre, wood and neoprene. The benefit of silicon based smartphone cases are their added level of protection. The squishy nature of silicon reduces the force of a hard impact and thus offers better protection against a phone damage from being dropped. Neoprene is a material commonly used in divers’ wetsuits and adds an element of protection from liquid damage. Whilst Carbon fibre is a more expensive material, on average, but comes with a great reputation for being lightweight yet very strong. Wood based smartphone cases, on the other hand, can deliver some wonderful hand craftsmanship and many users enjoy the unique marrying together of new technology and natural material.

Now you have a better idea of the range of materials available and which are more likely to go down well with your local target market, it’s time to search our extensive database of smartphone case suppliers. We work hard to ensure that each and everyone one of our sourcing partners is capable and reliable in providing you a great service.

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