Tips for Buying Accessory and Jewelry from Wholesalers

Date: November 16, 2015

Tips for Buying Accessory and Jewelry from Wholesalers

Secrets to Easy Sourcing for Your Accessories and Jewelry Business

A lot of people believe that the right piece of accessories can compliments ones’ personality. This is why fashion and jewelry industry is popular and profitable. It is a very interesting business which requires high fashion sense in order to purchase the products which have high demand.

Since the industry is very flourishing, wholesalers in the market offer their products at an affordable rate. If you are starting business in this industry, it is crucial that you stay updated on the latest trends in jewelry and accessory. One of the key things about the fashion ornaments is that they should always look stylish and at the same time not very expensive.

As a retailer, it is crucial to look for a reliable accessories wholesaler who you can always source your products from. To choose the best wholesaler, ensure that you perform a thorough background check by checking other clients’ testimonials and check if they respond to the needs of the other buyers quickly. Reliable wholesalers always have good reputation and usually highly recommended by others. An ideal wholesaler should also have a good quality control system to ensure the production process is not only safe but also produce high quality products.

You should consider purchasing in bulk in order to get a discount for accessories and jewelries, if possible. Most wholesalers will provide different rate of discount depending on the amount of goods purchased. If you are not a MNC retailer but still want to take advantage of the discounted price, it is a viable option to buy in bulk and use auction sites to sell extra jewelries, or selling them even in galleries, parties and market places. There are a lot of buyers who are always looking for a good deal.

If you are happy with the quality of products they produced before and the price of products, then go ahead and source accessory and jewelry from them.

During production, it is important plan some regular factory visits. You can perform some additional tests during production to ensure the products are exactly what you want and meet the safety standard. You should request product samples before shipment as well to make sure the products are completely align with your expectation. You should check the quality of the products after they have arrived your warehouse in case they are not as good as the samples.

Jewelry is an indispensable part for most women, or even for guys nowadays. So actually what types of jewelry should you source? It is important to purchase the fashionable and popular jewelry to make sure your products have sufficient demand in the market. The key to stay ahead of the current trend is to read magazines or articles online about next season’s fashion. There are a lot of articles online, for example, “Spring 2016 Jewelry Trends”. Then you can discuss the design with wholesalers earlier to ensure the products can be delivered to your store on time.

Fashion trends always change very quickly and if you cannot sell all your products in this season, don’t throw them away. They might become fashionable again after several years. Diamonds and gold are always the most popular jewelry in the market. Do consider including a few pieces of these popular, beautiful and high-ended jewelry in your shop even these are not in the main line of your business.

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