Why Sourcing Furniture from China is Better than Other Countries

Date: June 15, 2016

Why Sourcing Furniture from China is Better than Other Countries

The advantages of importing furniture from china

China’s manufacturing industry has been on a steady rise for some time now. The furniture industry has significantly improved as the economy increased. A whole city called Shun De is dedicated to the manufacture and sale of furniture.

The city is well linked to Hong Kong and Guangzhou, it is the world’s ideal place for foreign buyers to find different types of furniture. There are more than 1500 manufacturers and 3500 international furniture dealers. More furniture is manufactured in other Chinese cities.

While locals are embracing more comfort goods, there is a steady demand from international consumers as well. If you contemplate buying furniture, discover why you should source from China and not other countries.

High quality furniture

With access to quality raw materials, China can manufacture furniture of highest quality in the world. The Chinese economy has invested in technological advancement that increases their products.

Recently, there has been many recalls of furniture products from other parts of the world. Following this negative setback, the government imposed stringent quality standards. Today, importing products from China will be the best option.

Cheaper furniture products

The fact that Chinese products are cheaper than products from other countries cannot be overemphasized. This is true for furniture products. Just like products like mobile phones, electronics and home appliances, China leads the pack as far as affordability is concerned.

Cheap labor

Unlike other manufacturing economies, there are many people in China ready to work in manufacturing plants. The cheap labor ensures that the production is low, effectively producing affordable yet high quality furniture.

The unskilled laborers and college graduates observe high discipline in their work. A study once revealed that Chinese workers are more focused on their work than employees in other countries such as Taiwan, India and Japan.

Cheap capital

In the last decade, China’s economy grew in almost all sectors. This includes the financial and banking sector. For this reason, manufacturers are able to access low cost capital. When the capital is cheap, the end product is automatically cheap. In fact, research shows that Chinese locals are more likely to secure financing than Americans in the US.

Existence of cluster zones

Cluster zones are localities or neighborhoods where production is centralized. This means that raw materials are easily available for manufacturers. On the other hand, wholesalers and exporting countries are in these cluster zones ready to buy and ship the goods. As demand and supply meet at the zones, the furniture industry is able to manufacture products in large-scale.

Improved infrastructure

The recent explosion of the Chinese economy has caused the country’s infrastructure to improve. Today, there are more freeways, high-speed rails, roads and airport terminals than ever before. The shipping industry has also witnessed huge growth.

For this reason, transportation of raw materials is easier, faster and cheaper. When transport costs are low, the finished goods are likely to be low-priced. In addition, you can easily access the production cities, order your furniture and have them shipped at once.

Low importation taxes

Many Asian countries such as Japan, India and Taiwan impose high custom duty on products exported overseas. While some can charge as high as 30percent export duty, some products from China’s manufacturers are zero-rated.

For example, you would not have to pay duty for wooden chairs, wooden sofas, and for furniture made of metal or plastic. This is especially true if you are exporting to the United States and Europe. The duty for fitted kitchen units remains low.

How to buy furniture from Chinese manufacturers

Perhaps the easiest way to buy Chinese furniture is through online shopping stores. Examples of leading online stores are Taobao and Alibaba. You simply need to identify the products you want to purchase and make an order.

Payment is easy, because most of these accept international credit cards. Examples are Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal. The company emails you the order particulars. When you are contended, the consignment is shipped to you at a small cost.

Alternatively, you can physically visit the wholesalers or retailers in China. Obtaining travel documents is easier today than ever before. After selecting the desired furniture, you can contact a shipping agent who will charge a small percentage of the entire cost of furniture.

A few drawbacks

Just like many other Chinese products, there are a few drawbacks as far as furniture is concerned. The quality may not always be guaranteed. Even as the industry introduces quality and inspection departments, there is always the likelihood of human error.

Language barrier

The other challenge that you might encounter when sourcing furniture from China is language barrier. While some Chinese outlets have customer service representatives that speak English, the same cannot be said for all dealers. Evidently, there are many pros of buying Chinese furniture as compared to other countries. 

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