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According to an IBIS World recent report the global shoe-manufacturing industry is now in its mature-phase cycle, with a projected annual growth of 4.6% since 2009 until now, and is predicted to continue to grow at an average of 7.4% per annum for the next 10 years.

This competitive and growing market poses new sets of opportunities. Retailers are always on the look-out for the best shoe factory to match their standards, designs, and quality because shoes are a staple item, and demand is unlikely to decline by a significant amount in the next few years, according to IBIS World.

As is usually the case, the search for suppliers and manufacturers ends up in China, one of world’s footwear factory powerhouses. What’s more, technology has simplified the process by connecting retailers or wholesale buyers of boots, leather shoes, kids’ shoes, and other types of shoe with a few clicks and some browsing.

Using Tradegood’s supplier directory is the most convenient way of finding a credible shoe factory for free. This can be an initial process to filter the names and specialization, as it’s advisable for retailers to partner with a shoe factory specializing their product. If you are looking for boots manufacturers, you should search “boots” as the search query. The same goes for leather shoes manufacturers and kids’ shoes suppliers.

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Also, attend conferences, exhibitions, and trade shows

Attending conferences, exhibitions, and trade shows allow buyers to network face-to-face with shoe manufacturers and suppliers, or to see footwear samples and get to know more about the China market. These events are usually held in the key cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou all year round, and are great opportunities for finding legitimate companies who manufacturer footwear.


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The buyer-supplier matching meetings are very interesting. I got very good information on new suppliers.

Mr. Lionel Toucas
Managing Director


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