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A Quick Guide When Choosing Toy Manufacturers and Safety Laws

So, you have plans to set up a new venture in the toy industry? A smart entrepreneur like you must spend a lot of time researching and reading more about the industry—from finding the right toy manufacturers to sorting out the logistics management and legal compliance and standards.

This will also involve strategic planning before implementation and go beyond the pricing, quality, and lead-times from the toy factory to your location, which most companies usually consider.




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IBISWorld’s recent report on Toy Manufacturing industry in China shows that the industry is set to generate $29 billion, up 8.5% for the year, with an annual growth of 10% over the past five years.

The growth of this industry is attributed to Chinese consumers’ spending on their children’s toys. Aside from having a hugely active domestic market, China is also known as the world’s largest exporter of toys.

Most western companies consider looking for toy manufacturers in China, but quality and home-country safety laws must always be top of mind when choosing one. If you want to work with such companies, make sure you do your homework by narrowing down the list of toy manufacturers to one or two, depending on the types of product you wish to buy and sell.

Take note of the following when choosing a toy manufacturer


Is it a legitimate company with ISO certification and/or registered under PRC standards and requirements? 


Does it have a manufacturing specialization or is it trying to sell all sorts of toys and then outsource the production? There are some toy manufacturers that outsource production without telling the buyers, so make sure the manufacturer focuses on a certain skill or service (e.g., action figures, outdoor toys, dolls, etc.) 


Is their pricing guide and service agreement well defined and itemized? 


Do they have their own factories and equipment? Consider the size of the factory floor and the production capacity. 


Where is the main factory located? Do you want the manufacturer to be near a certain port or distribution center? 

It is very important to check safety laws and standards of your target markets before importing toys from China and to identify the target age groups in your market. It would be advisable for you to request samples of the toys you want to sell, so you can check them carefully and see their limitations (e.g., the risk of children age 0-3 years playing with small toy components and swallowing them).

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