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Tradegood provides more business opportunities to China V-Times!


China V-Times Co., Ltd (also known as Zhejiang Colortimes Knitting Co., Ltd) was established in 2000. The company’s principal lines are knitted sweaters and scarves, which are shipped to customers in Europe, America, the Middle East, Japan, and Korea, among others. It has accumulated a wealth of import and export service experience in garment processing and has a production capacity of more than 150,000 pieces per month. The high-qualityproducts are of stylish design and always attract considerable attention from customers. China V-Times first learned about the Tradegood one-stop supply-chain service solutionata workshop organized by Tradegood, and signed on as Tradegood member in May 2013.

Due to the company’s excellent supply-chain characteristics, the Tradegood Supplier Analysis Center invited them to participate in the July 18 Shanghai Buyer Summit. At the summit, international buyer OTTO, which provides sourcing servicesfor many global brands, had a fruitful meeting and business-matching experience with China V-Times, whose representatives were able to create a good working relationship with the buyer. The cooperation with OTTO was not achieved just by luck: the representatives made appropriate offers in response to OTTO’s inquiry, and also showed their familiarity with the new materials the buyer specified, which made a very good impression on the buyer. In subsequent contacts, OTTO was satisfied with the company’s production capacity and also with their compliance capabilities. China V-Times are currently undergoing the proofing and modification stage and hopefully will soon enter the production phase.

China V-Times also participated in the Magic Show in Las Vegas in August 2013, and achieved good results there. As part of its customer service, Tradegood Supplier Analysis Center staff invited overseas buyers to the V-Times booth for direct negotiations. The company was able to fully demonstrate their production capabilities to buyers and successfully secured on-site orders. The company was then invited to the Tradegood/AAFA buyer dinner with a number of business representatives and AAFA buyers. The dinner created excellent opportunities for cooperationforboth buyers and suppliers. The company representatives expressed satisfaction withTradegood’s diverse services.

Although the overall foreign trade outlookis some what problematic, the company representatives consider there is still room for development. In order to survive in the intense competitive environment, manufacturers must improve product quality and steer away from the traditional route of shipping cheap merchandise. They also hope to improve business performance by connecting with quality buyers through the Tradegood platform, where there are abundant buyer resources from Tradegood and Intertek. As a support to Tradegood, China V-Times recommended a local enterprise with considerable experience in foreign trade in Huzhoucity to join the Tradegood membership. China V-Times and its partner enterprises hope to get more training and development opportunities from the Tradegood platform and move forward as an industry leader in Huzhou city.

Representatives of China V-Times Co., Ltddiscuss business with the Otto buyer at the summit.

China V-TimesCo., Ltd (also known as Zhejiang Colortimes Knitting Co., Ltd) was established in 2000. Its main products are knitted sweaters and scarves, all shipped tocustomers around the world, the primary markets beingEurope, America, Middle East, Japan, and Korea. It has accumulated significant import and export service experience in the garment processing trade. The company has a production capacity of more than 150,000 pieces per month.


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