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Tradegood helps suppliers to find the best buyers for their businesses. At Tradegood, suppliers get exposed and connected to responsible buyers in key markets through a living profile system that comprises supplier qualifications, certifications and credentials. Our qualification programs allow you to increase your compliance and evaluate your performance against industry, country and global benchmarks and ultimately increase your chance to find the best buyers.

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Supplier Verification with Confidence

By professionally verifying your company's documents and facilities, we eliminate concerns across the complex supply chain and build the confidence of buyers in doing business with you.

Tradegood helps you develop trust through a series of supplier verification services:

Membership Certificate^

We issue a Tradegood Membership Certificate to every verified member, which proves you are a trusted and verified supplier and helps win buyers’ confidence.

Document Verification^

The supplier verification services include verifying company documents and certificates, which include business licenses, business-registration certificates, and certificates from third-party certification bodies, etc. It makes sure that you have all the supplier qualification to become a trusted partner, not a faceless vendor. Moreover, a ‘verification mark’ will be added to every piece of information verified. Building buyers’ confidence in you is an important step to finding buyers and fostering a positive buyer-supplier relationship for your business.

“Business done right” is Tradegood’s philosophy. Under this principle, every piece of information is verified against data validity, consistency, credibility, accuracy and authenticity. It maximizes the reliability of information and ensures all parties across the supply chain can work together effectively and get their business done right.

Onsite Profile Validation^

Tradegood provides an onsite supplier profile validation service, which helps to eliminate concerns across the supply chain and ensure suppliers’ achievements can be showcased through a comprehensive profile. In Tradegood’s online platform, all your verified information is marked with the Tradegood verification mark, which shows buyers what information has been verified and that you have gone through vigorous supplier verification process through a trusted organization.

Supplier Showcasing with English Company Brochure^

With increasing competition, it is vital for suppliers to showcase their competence to win buyers. Tailored to your business, the English company brochure from Tradegood contains English corporate profile, compliance, and license information and featured product photos to showcase your capabilities. The brochure outlines the strength of your business and is a very useful tool for supplier marketing by presenting a professional company image to earn buyers’ trust and confidence.

Professional Facility Video Production and Supplier Verification - 3 mins with English Voice Over^

Filmed and produced by Tradegood’s professional crew, the 3-minute professional facility video service includes on-site video shooting, spokesperson interview, display of product pictures and certificates, post-production with English voice-over by a native speaker, and editing. The video enables suppliers to showcase the company’s qualification and strengths to global buyers efficiently and effectively, maximizing your exposure within a short time frame.

  • All-round showcase of corporate capacity and compliance
  • Market your strengths clearly
  • Professional English video helps your business expand overseas
  • Tradegood’s verified mark for increased buyer confidence

The supplier verification service includes:

  • Production of a 3-min professional facility video
  • Spokesman interview
  • Display of up to 10 product pictures and certificates
  • English voice-over by native speaker
  • Post-production and editing

Business Opportunities

Tradegood gives you unlimited opportunities to look for buyers and connect with them, both online and offline. World-class overseas ‘buyer summits’ provide you with the opportunity to enter the global market. Where appropriate, our professional team will also take the initiative to recommend your company to buyers!

Tradegood will help smooth your buyer search process via different channels and seize every business-development opportunity:

Sourcing Request Management on Platform

Buyers’ trade inquiries are listed on the dashboards of suppliers on the Tradegood platform. Through the trade-enquiry-management function, suppliers can register for appropriate inquiries by submitting relevant information and answering buyers’ requests proactively.

Private Matching Event^

In addition, we also hold private matching events according to buyers’ sourcing needs. Private matching events organized by our specialists have proved to be very effective in assisting suppliers to find the best buyers for their business.

Buyer Summit^

Buyer Summits are Tradegood signature events for suppliers to find potential buyers and they help build a cooperative buyer-supplier relationship. In addition to providing the latest supply-chain intelligence and sourcing information on global buyers, The Buyer Summits also offer an excellent opportunity for buyers and suppliers to meet and thus facilitate business cooperation.

Three distinct advantages:

  • Unsurpassed buyer-supplier relationship, creating more business opportunities
  • Face-to-face communication, increasing the chance to close a business deal
  • Latest sourcing requirements from buyers, gaining up-to-date market insights

Video Matching with Overseas Buyers^

You can do business at anytime, anywhere!

  • Surmount geographical restrictions, trade with overseas buyers and expand overseas markets
  • No need to worry about meeting venues as everything will be under your control
  • Supplier verification and certification will help win your potential buyers’ trust

Market Intelligence & Supplier Training

You will be invited to attend all Tradegood seminars and comprehensive supplier training sessions, where you will be updated on the latest buyer insights and given an in-depth understanding of buyers' needs. You will also receive our monthly membership bulletins which provide you with the latest Tradegood activities and benefits.

Comprehensive and in-depth research and analysis to keep you abreast of the latest market trends and well equipped to find your ideal buyers.

Members' Bulletin

Delivered by email every month, the Members’ Bulletin provides details of the latest Tradegood events, as well as industry news to help you staying abreast of market trends. The Members’ Bulletin also contains the latest sourcing requests from buyers. Business opportunities can be just that close!

Seminars and Forums^

Tradegood organizes seminars and forums regularly, allowing members to understand more about Tradegood’s best-in-class services and to get updated on the latest industry information and quality news regarding sourcing.

Value-added Supplier Training^

Tradegood University, a virtual institution that provides comprehensive supplier training with industry experts, covers issues on environmental quality and safety, compliance regulations and product regulatory among others. It is firmly based on our parent company, global leading inspection and product testing company Intertek’s expertise and industry know-how, and provides suppliers with valuable and practical advice to stay ahead of the market.

Small-class value-added supplier training is held in major cities in China on specific topics, and includes:

  • CSR training – using case studies to elaborate on related compliance issues, as well as enhance risk management and social responsibility execution for suppliers
  • ODM training – exchange of past successful ODM cases with corporate decision-makers, trend experts, and analysts
  • Foreign-trade knowledge training – systematic training that focuses on the actual needs of foreign-trade enterprises in real-life business operations

Market Exposure & Supplier Marketing

Tradegood helps suppliers to showcase business information with an English corporate webpage from a trusted source. We also offer professionally produced product catalogues and The Photo Studio services to help market your products. Your product photos may be uploaded to the Trade Book session on the Tradegood official website, which can be viewed by global buyers anywhere, anytime.

To assist you in finding global buyers, Tradegood first helps you draw their attention and get market exposure:

Company Profile on Platform

Tradegood helps you create your company profile, which contains detailed company information, company video, product photos, supplier verification data and contact details, etc. With no hassle, global buyers can easily locate your company page by keyword search on our membership platform, and send inquiries to you from anywhere, anytime.

Supplier Public Webpage

Supplier marketing is imperative if you want buyers to learn about you. Tradegood helps you create your English public webpage under the domain, which allows you to showcase your supplier information from a trusted source.

Product Catalogue^

Our professional team helps suppliers to market products by producing the product catalogue (up to 200 product photos, depending on membership level) with contemporary eye-catching layout sand inputs. In this way, you can present your products to potential buyers more professionally.

Trade Book Advertisement^

At Tradegood, we assist with supplier marketing by preparing a special printed version of the Trade Book which will cover our members’ corporate profiles and product photos for overseas trade shows, so that thousands of buyers at exhibitions will be able to get to know your company. It is a special promotion exclusive to Tradegood members.

The Photo Studio^

Photos always speak louder than words. That’s why Tradegood now offers “The Photo Studio” service regularly at the Tradegood Buyer Summit to help you market your products more effectively. Professional models, photographers, and our supporting team will be on hand to produce stunning high-quality images of your merchandise.

Trade Book on Website^

In order to increase market exposure for members, the “Trade Book” section on the Tradegood official website has been launched to enable buyers to view your products in detail all year round.

Capacity Building

Tradegood enhances your strengths by providing a range of capacity-building programs for members, letting you select the most suitable solution for developing your enterprise.

A wide range of capacity-building programs which meet the needs of your business development are offered, including:

Workplace Conditions Assessment (WCA)*^

WCA provides a powerful, cost-effective solution for companies and facilities who are seeking to improve workplace conditions efficiently and in accordance with widely accepted industry standards. Intertek’s WCA standard objective is to align with the Global Social Compliance Program (GSCP) through the equivalency process which, in turn, is endorsed by many of the world’s largest retail associations.

WCA benefits include:

  • Improving work conditions for a happier, healthier and more productive workforce
  • Improving satisfaction and motivation of employees
  • Saving time and increasing productivity
  • Reducing the potential risks and work-related accidents, so as to reduce cost
  • Stimulating effective communication between management and employees

Upon satisfactory fulfillment of assessment criteria for each program, the supplier or facility will receive a qualification named Achievement Award, which will serve as a valuable marketing tool to showcase your performance to buyers and win their confidence.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Training Program^

This supplier training program will be conducted by a professional instructor in the factory’s own particular industry segment, and provide specific suggestion enabling you to build a corporate strategy consistent with social responsibility.

CSR training program benefits include:

  • Explore sustainable corporate development trends
  • Analyze related audit requirements and processes
  • Understand common behavior and standards through specific cases
  • Enhance competitive advantages and corporate image

Global Security Verification (GSV)*^

An optional yet beneficial supplier verification process, Intertek’s GSV program integrates multiple supply chain security initiatives, including C-TPAT, PIP, and AEO. Our mission is to partner with international buyers and suppliers to drive the development of a global security-verification process, resulting in increased safety assurance, risk control, efficiency and cost savings for all participants.

GSV business benefits include:

  • Saving time and money by undergoing few security audits
  • Minimizing business disruptions in order to focus on improving performance
  • Enhancing corporate reputation with a world-recognized program that confirms compliance with global supply chain criteria
  • Enabling importers and suppliers to leverage efforts through a common industry platform and collaboration
  • Maximizing business potential by working smarter, more efficiently and in alignment with business objectives

Upon satisfactory fulfillment of assessment criteria for each qualification program, the supplier or facility will receive a certification called Record of Participation, which will serve as a valuable marketing tool to showcase your performance to buyers and win their confidence.

*Tradegood does not guarantee suppliers can obtain the qualifications.

^ Add-on Services that are available for purchase separately. Please contact Tradegood Specialists for more details.

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