Trade Guide: Myanmar

Do you know?

Myanmar, or the Republic of the Union of Myanmar (formerly Burma), is the second largest country in Southeast Asia, with a population slightly over 51 million. Administratively, Myanmar has seven states and seven regions, many of which are divided along ethnic lines.

“Do’s and Don’ts”


  • Be on time and arrive early if you are hosting a lunch or dinner.
  • Have Burmese language versions of your business card.
  • Bend a bit when crossing in front of elders.
  • Adopt realistic expectations and get things in writing.


  • Point to any image of the Buddha, as it is considered an insult.
  • Touch anyone on the head or face, which is the height of rudeness.
  • Give scissors, knives, or anything black in color as gifts.
  • Think that "yes" means agreement or imminent action.

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