Intertek and EEPC sign MoU for global B2B Smart Sourcing via Tradegood

Nov 05, 2012


New Delhi, 31 October 2012: Intertek India and EEPC India (Engineering Export Promotion Council) today signed a Memorandum of Understanding establishing a business partnership to promote B2B sourcing. The MoU was inked today at Hotel Le Meridian, New Delhi in the presence of representatives from Intertek India, EEPC, the Union Ministry of Commerce and the ambassador of the Czech Republic to India H.E. Miloslav Stasek. Apart from the other representatives, Mr Aman Chadha, Chairman – EEPC India and Mr Rakesh Shah, Chairman PED – EEPC India were also present at the MoU signing ceremony.

Speaking on the occasion, William Quilindo, Chief Operations Officer, Tradegood, said: "Driven by a worldwide network of new and complex supply chains, the global explosion in trade and outsourcing has made it increasingly difficult for buyers and suppliers to sift through voluminous data in order to build trusted relationships. Thanks to Tradegood, the entire process is simplified, since it offers authenticated information through the 'Business done right' verification process that enables global buyers to know the people and organizations behind their supply chain, while also providing suppliers with a platform to showcase their capabilities and get new business opportunities."

Tradegood is a B2B sourcing community established by Intertek – a leading provider of quality and safety solutions serving a broad spectrum of industries worldwide – that not only introduces buyers to an immense range of 20,000 suppliers from more than 100 countries, but also makes reliable matches via multiple points of compatibility. Tradegood evaluates suppliers on more than 50 separate criteria, including operational history, employee numbers, regulatory compliance and environmental sustainability. With Tradegood, buyers are able to make good partnership decisions with unprecedented efficiency.

This is particularly important because companies usually lack the time and resources to fully screen each prospective supplier, leaving information gaps that may endanger brand and reputational integrity. Tradegood thereby transforms the lives of people on both sides of global supply chains by building relationships that allow businesses to perform better, safer, more sustainably and more transparently, benefiting buyers, suppliers and consumers worldwide. Partnerships developed through Tradegood ensure suppliers provide environmentally and socially responsible services or goods. This authentication process saves both buyers and suppliers an immense amount of time, money and resources.

Elaborating on the tie-up, Rajesh Saigal, MD, Intertek India added: "EEPC's use of Tradegood will help identify gaps and build capacity in many companies. In the long run, this will improve exports, as Tradegood helps suppliers attain environmental and social compliances, since international buyers insist upon such compliances."


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