Tradegood Buyer Summit

Tradegood Buyer Summit



Wed, Aug 03, 2011

10 AM - 4 PM

iSupplier Intelligence (Tradegood) flew in a group of industry experts from Hong Kong, United Kingdom and France, to attend and give presentations for its inaugural Tradegood Buyer Summit in Shanghai at Four Seasons Hotel’s grand ballroom. Some 150 buyers, suppliers and guests attended the event and exchanged views on various issues in the supply chain business.

The event, held on Aug 3, started with a cocktail session where guests mingled with industry peers. It was officially launched with a heartfelt welcome speech by Mr. Fred Bai, President of Intertek China. Then, industry experts gave all guests two informative presentations. The first one was “Winning Buyer’s Confidence”, presented by Mr. David Horlock, Vice President, Global Inspection and Auditing, Intertek and Mr. Thomas Tang, General Manager, Auditing – North East China, Intertek. The second presentation was on “Increase Business Opportunities with Low Carbon”, presented by Mr. Christophe Liebon, Global Director of Environmental Impact Solutions, Intertek.

Western lunch was served before the highlight of the day – the Buyers Chit Chat Session was unveiled. Four buyers, representing major international brands and retailers, went on stage and shared with suppliers their sourcing requirements, standards and practices. Suppliers were given very good insights.

After this was the Tradegood Demo Session, where buyers and suppliers had the chance to experience the Tradegood platform live. In between, participants enjoyed more drinks and networked with each other. They enjoyed a fruitful day and an average score of 4.11 out of 5 was given for the overall ratings of the event through the event feedback forms, indicating a “Good to Very Good” perception of the Tradegood Buyer Summit from the respondents.


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