Tradegood Buyer Summit

Tradegood Buyer Summit



Wed, Jul 25, 2012

1 PM - 5 PM

Another Tradegood Buyer Summit was successfully held at the RITZ-CARLTON hotel in Shenzhen on 25 July 2012. Some 60 buyers and supplier representatives from around 50 companies were enthusiastic participants in the summit.

During the event, the business-matching session has always been the most interesting and liveliest session. At the same time, our seamless overseas business matching facility was also opened to onsite suppliers. Utilizing a best-in-class video-conferencing system, suppliers were able to communicate with buyers from Australia, on site and without barriers. This provided suppliers with an ideal opportunity to communicate with buyers face to face, and to present their samples.

Tradegood has achieved great success in creating business opportunities. And the success of our seamless business matching service has created a wider business platform for suppliers. In the following moths, Tradegood will hold more buyer summits and seminars in a range of cities and also keep improving the platform to provide high-quality and professional services to our members.


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